Puttering away on Sunday evening

The batch of dark lager is bottled and I have the pale lager wort bubling away.  I hope  the pale lager will have enough time to work before the Neighborhood potluck this month.  It may not be quite ready but I’m certain the the dark lager will be good to go by the 14th.  Today I ran to to Fred Meyers to grab a Brita filter 5 pack for $19.99 on sale and I lucked as the box had an additional $5.00 off coupon.  I use the Brita filters for drinking water, my coffee and beer making as our tap water does have a chorinated smell and a few off putting flavors that are noticable in making coffee.

You know me I grabbed the extra savings book/ad,  and I noticed the have 5 gallon water bottles on sale for $10.99 and these should work great as a carboy for a secondary fermenter for my beer making.  I’m trying to get everything in place before I start making all grain beer and make it a very solid setup.  Plus I can always use them for holding water. LOL   Four more of the smaller square buckets came home from Freddy’s for making my Bug Out Buckets instead of my Charity buckets this time.  They will be very similar but I want to start getting the RV ready for my Bug out test later this year and I also want to do a little camping as much as gas prices will allow.

I haven’t felt all that great this week but I did get some work done in the yard. Almost 3 garbage cans full of pruned rose bushes and grape vines.  Still have more to go but I feel like I’m getting some of the stuff done for gardening season.  The weather has been a little crazy on temps and a bit breezy, but I have to admit my little place is very well protected from the wind, but in the alley all bets are off and I have to make sure the cans don’t go flying in a stiff breeze.

All in all I had a sucsessful week got some great buys on ammo and finally broke the 1000 round barrier on 22 LR.  Groceries turned out good for the budget and all of it is for building up my pantry and RV.  Still got to replace some snacks for the pets and topoff  extra meds for them but I can handle that when I take Mom shopping this week.


5 Responses to Puttering away on Sunday evening

  1. Rose says:

    Sounds like you accomplished quite a bit. Can you tell me more about your beer making? I would like to give that a go, and also learn how to make wine.

  2. riverrider says:

    i’m be watching for “JAMIE’S” beer on my local supermarket shelves:) sounds delicious. a micro brewery would be a good source of income i would think, pre or post tshtf.

  3. Jamie says:

    Rose, If you can boil water you can make beer! You might see if you have a local brew club via the internet and also having a local supplier of equipment and ingredients can make it easier to get started. Plus if something goes wrong you have someone local to ask for help.
    I started with a Mr. Beer kit that has all the fixings for a small 2.5 gallon batch of beer. Or you can get a beer kit from someone like http://www.nampabrewers.com/ for making 5 gallon batches. The site also has some basic instructions for making both beer and wine. You can see what’s involved and give you some idea of the costs.
    I haven’t made wine but I’m hoping to do some fruit beers this year.

    river, You can only make beer/wine for “personal use” otherwise you have to get a Tax stamp from the Feds and jump through all kinds of hoops to sell to the public.That takes a lot of the fun out of it for a business. But doing it on your own, I figure it costs me about $15.00 to make a case of really good beer. Once I start doing all grains instead of malt extract and have my own hops I have grown the price per case should drop.

    • riverrider says:

      jamie, i doubt the revenuers will be much of a problem after their paychecks bounce;) i think i might have to give it a try. i don’t want to survive if there’s no beer:)

      • Jamie says:

        river, I started brewing as a skill to have and possibly as a barter item if the SHTF. But it has become a hobby I enjoy a lot.
        Trying out new recipes and styles of beer is an extra bonus!

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