Water on the brain

No,  not a new illness just since doing my water test, I’ve become much more focused on how easily our safe water supply could  be destroyed.  I was reading an article about Tractor-trailers  getting shut down for whatever reason from destroyed overpasses from the New Madrid earthquake to an EMP and I never considered who delivers the chemicals to a water treatment plant.  It seems that municipal water treatment keep only 2 weeks of chemicals on hand.  With fuel prices rising and a lot of our stuff moved by independent truckers who can’t afford to drive, we could be looking at a lot higher prices, “Boil orders” or worse,  if the chemicals are not getting to the water treatment plants.

One gallon of water per day per person is not enough!!!  Plan on at least 3 gallons per day.  All of your water doesn’t have to be potable (safe for drinking) but you will need a lot to just to keep clean and with the gardening season starting, that’s another call on your water supply.  Store as much safe drinking water as you can,  have tarps, buckets and rain barrels for harvesting rain. Filters and more filters on hand as well as Chlorine bleach and or iodine for killing off the bad bugs.  Don’t count on your local lake, creek or river as a lot of other folks will do that and you don’t want to be around crowds if things start to go bad.

Now there is a good chance that the PTBs will either hand out cases of water or have the Army/National Guard create safe water points.  Again I’m leery about crowds plus what kind of information you may have to give up to the PTBs to get water.  I don’t think I’m over reacting because my water test showed me that a gallon a day is not realistic for the long term.

From my last post on Sunday I told you about getting 5 Brita filters for $15.00. Today I took Mom shopping and we stopped by the thrift store and guess what I found? Another Brita pitcher and Stanley steel thermos. Now the Brita filters are not a filter for unsafe drinking water but if you use bleach or iodine for your water these filters will be great for improving the taste of that water.  I love those heavy duty steel thermoses for keeping water warm over night to cooking in them.

If you thought I was motivated to get water barrels before.  That motivation has been kicked up another notch.


2 Responses to Water on the brain

  1. riverrider says:

    having worked in the ng eoc, if the trucks don’t bring the water, there won’t be any. we only had half a dozen water tankers for the whole state. we got bottled water from walmart distribution centers. they get it by truck. there is very little water purification capability left in the mil due to kbr/halliburton…we never asked for info, but fema plans on “consolidating” people to better “help” them. i’m not going anywhere near a distro point, might get rounded up. the more in the camp, the more kbr gets paid. george orwell was a prophet, not a fiction writer.

  2. Jamie says:

    river, Yeah it’s the old line we’re from the government and we are here to help!
    I just grabbed another 5 Brita filter so I should be good for at least a year on my filters for “taste”.
    I stopped by Cash & Carry and they have the big 5 gallon drink coolers for $22.67 each. These work pretty good at keeping water warm as well as cool. I used a smaller size for my water test but these will be my Hot Water for washing up in case all water is shut off. I’ll be adding another 15-20 Gallons of containers for my fresh water this month and 2 rain barrels.

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