Prepping with silver

I’m a prepper and I think your first moves should be getting enough food, water, 1st aid and sanitation to take care of your daily needs for 6 months at a minimum.  You are good on ammo and working towards your 1 year goals. You are out of debt and you are getting good at saving money but since you don’t trust the banks you got green backs that need to be put to use besides stuffing them in a mattress. It might be time to look at providing some generational wealth.  You did what you were told to do and invested in a mutual fund via your401k  got crushed. Yet your money managers seem to be doing well and god knows the feds would never let the 5  big bank fail…

I’d like you to walk down the road of history and think about what ifs? What if 401k’s are nationalized? You do know that Idea has been tossed about in DC?  How’s your pension looking?  Did you know that when you go on SS your Medicare will cost you about 10% of your SS?  and the government will take it automatically so you don’t have to worry your little head about that 10% cash going away.  Irregardless of any medical insurance you may have.  Hell I have to pay the Feds back my 10% disability via my VA payments for disability to the US Army. The US Army declared me only 10% disabled the VA given the same data declared me 40% disabled and I’m paying back $130 per month of my VA check to the ARMY for the lump sum settlement the Army gave me and kicked me out of the military for being disabled.  Yes I think this system is dumber than a box of rocks.   Please if the Feds are involved you better pay close attention!

I know some preppers poo-poo any talk of PM (Precious metals) but I think that is wrong. But only after you make your 6 month point on storage of the basics.  A bit of math and history forthcoming, All folks stuck with “Public education” may want to avert their eyes.

Junk silver and American eagles are legal tender. Those both have a physical value. Even the Eagle is stamped it is equal to 1 dollar. Now if a retailer or shop owner prefers a pre 64 dime or whatever worth more to him than a FRN that’s on the store owner. That’s why the Feds can’t come down on a gas station owner selling his gas for 1 or 2 pre 1964 dimes per gallon. Because they are legal tender, of course I have no idea how it works when the gas station owner trades his pre-64 dimes for deliveries.I assume he trades them for FRNs and gets clobbered on taxes. Which is why so few gas stations do it.

From what I understand from the law a retailer can’t charge more to someone using plastic. They can offer a discount to folks paying cash.  But since the feds and states have enacted almost 40,000 laws and regulations this year I might be wrong!

This is how you can show inflation is eating us alive as an additional tax. In 1964 the average Social Security benefit was about $64.00-$68.00 per month or equal to about 2 oz. of gold. Now today’s Social Security check is an average of $1100-1200.00 but if it was priced in today’s 2 oz. of gold it would be closer to $3,000-3200.00 as you can see even the COLA for SS or SSD is not keeping pace with buying power.

Here is where working fiat currency as opposed to a hard metal currency gets fun. Historically speaking 12 hours of labor was worth about a dime’s worth or 1/10 oz. of silver.  The Roman denarius was 1/10 of an oz. of silver.

Now on the historical standard of a 15:1 silver to gold ratio a person earn every month approx 2 oz. of gold value but it was paid in silver. A person/family could live on 2 oz. of gold per month. Do you see the trend?  A silver dime a day was your cost of living for the month. But you as a worker were paid in silver basically  30 oz. of silver were equal to 2 oz. of gold or 1 months of pay!

Now bring it and compare it to today’s prices. A family of 4 could have all the basics on an income of $36,000.00 per year in most states. You are at the the break point of poverty in the USA but you still should be doing okay as long as you are not a “debt slave”. This is on 2 oz. of gold but on over 100 + oz of silver based on modern ratios of gold to silver of 50:1 rather than the ratio 15: 1 that silver has been historically.

You can buy a 50 coin wrap of dimes at APMEX  for $160-$200.00 of dimes and every damn dime should or will be worth 1 day’s value of living as silver will reach it’s historic equilibrium of 15:1 if not 12:1 or 10:1 because silver is destroyed in use compared to gold.  To reach that equality, those dimes should cost over $10.00 each. Yet you can pick them up for about $2.00-$3.00 FRNs.

This is why I love silver and besides we all know us rednecks like shiny stuff.


3 Responses to Prepping with silver

  1. riverrider says:

    you make a good arguement for silver. i remember my friend buying it at 5 bucks an ounce though, and i’m afraid it’ll go back to that one day. of course he doesn’t know he’s in the world now, dementia got him. gold went to 1500, but fell to 300. thats a better ratio of loss, but still i can’t afford to lose. i’m getting close to my goals of bbb’s, so i’m prob going to invest in some silver soon. right now i’m investing in steel, as in barbed wire and fence posts:) take care.

  2. Jamie says:

    river, That’s why I only buy physical silver. You can’t lose if you don’t sell and you don’t pay capital gains if the price goes up and you don’t sell. It’s about value not dolars, in 1964 a gallon of gas cost about a quarter (pre1964) Today a gallon of gas costs about 2 dimes of pre 1964 silver.
    I also think until you have at least six months or a year of everything you need to live you should not consider any PMs. This article is not about silver taking the place of prepping or a get quick rich scheme. It’s another way to get the most value for the least amount of money. I much prefer silver to a 401k or any paper in the stock markets.

    • riverrider says:

      jamie, roger that. i won’t ever do ira again. tptb in d.c. are forcing mutual funds and corporate ira funds to “invest” in gov bonds, which they have no intension of paying back. so its like tossing 30% of your retirement out the window. i can’t see how thats legal, but its happening. they already went into mil and gov civ retirement systems and used that money to hold off raising the debt ceiling. no intension of paying it back, rather they are paying as needed from the general budget. 30 years shot to hell….

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