Crudmuffins got to rework the budget

I know I harp on having a budget quite a lot. Trust me when you live on under $20 grand a year and you want to prepare for the long term in addition to monthly costs a budget is critical.  I tend to set up my budget on general costs and hard numbers. For example if I want internet or Dish TV I will have to pay $43.00 and $25 and some change for those items. This year everything is going up!

I had a jump in house insurance. All of the disasters last year cost the insurance companies and someone must pick up the slack.  The EPA creates new mandates for power companies and the rates go up. Gas prices effect everything transported and it’s not just filling your tank but filling all the tanks of the truckers that transport food and other goods.  I figure I have a 10%-15%  increase in overall cost that is hitting my budget. Heck that’s what I’m trying to give to charity every month.

Needless to say I’m a little less than pleased with “There is no inflation” Ben Bernanke, and we are in a recovery which is nothing more than the “Big Lie” and if everyone keeps repeating it enough folks will believe.

I also try and wrangle the longest use out of everything as well and so my Tower PC seems to have died. She has been getting a little long in the tooth in PC age as the motherboard, CPU and memory are about 7 years old. So while not unexpected the timing could have been a bit better.  I know how to build PC’s and it looks like the  major upgrade will cost less than $250.00. It’s just that it happened about 3 weeks earlier than my budget accounted for as May was going to be PC upgrade month.

I just hate it when I get the budget going and life throws a monkey wrench at all my plans. No, I’m not in any danger as I have all that I need, just slightly inconvenienced. So that’s my whine for the day and I imagine there are folks that wish they had my problems of having to work on the backup laptop instead of the main PC. But it does show the old saying of 1 = none and 2=1 and so forth on prepping.

2 Responses to Crudmuffins got to rework the budget

  1. Matt says:

    Jamie, finally got you on my new blog list. Sorry it took so long.

  2. Jamie says:

    Glad to see you posting again I’ll be stopping by your site and get you up on the blog roll

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