Had a good day shopping and other stuff

Got that 5 gallon Igloo drink jug today.  So I’m set for my little modified “Hot water tanks” in case I lose access to city water. I already have a smaller 2 gallon Kitchen aid  jug,  but I think the Igloos are better insulated especially at the lid.  I will be able to have almost 10 gallons of warm to hot water through out the day if I pre-heat all my insulated jugs and thermoses the night before and fill them up.  That’s more than enough for my needs.

Cash & Carry was my main shopping spot today and the Igloo  jug was only $23.00.  Along with another 12 pounds of elbow macaroni and I splurged on some smoke Kielbasa that I like so much that’s kind of my little treat for myself.

Stopped by my favorite pawn shop for a couple more stripper clips with 20 rounds for Sasha and a little junk silver. I’m focusing on the junk silver as I think it may work out as a good barter item at least for the short term or for daily purposes compared to 1 oz. of silver.  I got some nice pre 64 dimes already but I’d like to grab a 50 count roll of pre 64’s this next check.

Did up some turkey stock from the Taxday party. The party went really well and the beers were a hit as well as the turkey! Met some good folks and hopefully we can start building more on our “Tribe” as well as help folks out and teach them to do for themselves. I think I have a better than average audience here in Idaho for folks wanting to be self-reliant, but it still a bit of a hard sell.  I think I over did just a bit as it was a long day though a lot of fun. I sometimes forget that I’ll get knocked down hard for overdoing.  I ran a little fever Monday and seemed to have caught a little 48 hour bug or I had a flare sometimes it’s hard to tell.  But I was a little sick the next 2 days, which made me feel bad as I wanted to help clean up.

I’ll freeze up the the stock , plus I need to get some onions dehydrated as well as freeze up a few pounds of bacon. So it looks like the rest of the week will be getting foods ready for long term storage and then onto planting the garden.  We also have a couple of big Bike events coming up. I want to do a setup on my “trike” for the Armageddon bike that will cover all the basics of prepping and making the bike a true BOV.



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  1. riverrider says:

    well done jamie, but get well soon. i dove into the silver pool this week myself. my wife has a couple of franklin halves. i really like the look of them , so i ordered a few. following up with a few eagles, and this cool boston tea party 1oz coin just for giggles…i’m assuming you mean bicycle, not motorcycle?…i have to say i wish more everyday that i was in idaho or wyoming. too many dang stupid people on the east coast. take care.

  2. Jamie says:

    Thanks river, I’m getting better just taking a bit of time to recover. Hell, you would think I would have learned by now how to pace myself. I’m just a slow learner I guess.

    I’m enjoying getting into the junk silver plus learning about coins as collecting as well as just silver value. I want to get some of the Walking liberty and I’ve always loved the look of the old Mecury dimes. Plus I’d like to replace some Morgan dollars I had if I find a good buy.
    For the struck 1 oz. NW mint has a really cool 1 oz. bar and coin that is marked to be split into quarters similar to how the old pieces of eight were used.

    I used my silver as a store for my emergency fund instead of keeping it in a bank or in just greenbacks/FRNs. It’s easy to use but you have to convert it before you buy. So that forces me to consider if it is a real emergency or I just want a new toy. I used to suck at keeping any paper dollars on hand for an emergency fund.

    Ironically I think having silver made me better about keeping cash on hand. Silver was to valuable to trade when there are folks still accepting “little green bits of paper with dead guys on them”. So in order to save my silver I needed more little green bits of paper around.

    The “trike” is non-motorized, pedal power with a shopping basket that my neighbors fixed up and gave me for free. I gave them a nice mtn. bike as trade since my illness made riding a bike impossible. But they didn’t know I had a bike to trade when they got me the trike.
    It’s damn hard to relearn how to ride a trike when you brain is saying “bike” and your nervous system is all jacked up from a disease. I look like a chubby female version of the old “Laugh In” Arte Johnson skit without the costume.

  3. Jamie says:

    river we are both dating ourselves. But yeah you got it. I do have to say the trike is darn hard to tip over. But it does give you lots of opportunities to look like a complete Goomba!

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