Quality of life

I think I’ve become more sensitive to the term “Quality of Life” since becoming disabled.  I’m not talking about your own choices you make for yourself but many of the so called liberals that want to make for other people.  I believe life has value outside of the idea of cost consideration and inconvience to others.  I believe we show the best part of ourselves when we care for for others that cannot care forthemselves.

I have found being disabled has changed my attitude. Or better to say that I always found value in folks but by becoming disabled it made it personal.  I find it Ironic that no one uses Stephen Hawkings as a good case for “Quality of Life” and by his own addmision the diagnosis of “Lou Gherig’s”/ALS  disease made him stop cruising through school but to actually work hard at his studies.  Good, bad or indifferent Hawkings is about the best example of a a scientific rock star we have today.  He was diagnosed at 22 years old and now he is 67, a grandfather and a person that has inpired millions. We get the story of his ALS has progressed very slowly, but he could have believed the “Establishment” and chewed a bullet or simply ended it because “He didn’t want to be a burden” .

I don’t think of myself as a burden and I do my best, but I’m am what would be considered a useless eater by the “statist”  and I would at best be left to die , or worse simply eliminated,  because my “Quality of Life” can’t be all that good.  I’m poor and physically handicap along with my medical issues.  I maybe facing ALS as there is some correlation between ALS and CIDP if not cuasation.  I’ ve been a survial situation for years.

I’m not trying to bring folks down nor gain “pity points”.  Life is dangerous, she is trying to kill you everyday,  eventually she will win and you will die.  I want folks to wake up to the fact that some things can be controlled and some things can’t.  Even so you can’t give up because of some arbitrary pinhead expert decides if you don’t live his way you are worthless.  I truly believe this disease has saved my life. Becoming a prepper has given me purpose.  I have stored boxes of 3 weeks worth of goods for family members that mock me. At least 1 will probably die within a couple of weeks of any SHTF event because of health problems and a total lack of touch of that little world we call reality.  I can’t save her as she will not even try to save herself.

Control your own ground: Mentally,  physically. It might be a house, and apartment or a tent. But start there as you have about 3 feet around you you can say you truely control.  Please do not play the PTBs hype of collectivism and shared sacrifice. Especially the inside traders, Gov’t workers, Corperations, banks or unions.

It starts with you!  How would you fight the PTBs?  Don’t grow a  a garden or have few shotgun shells full of salt? Learn who you can trust among neighbors  and have some fun and not develope a bunker mentality.  Gosh do you think “Flash Robs”  hit local mini-marts cause they have high quality food? Whole grains hell I can leave detailed instructions and most folks can’t even soak beans.

We all owe a death and your alive now and you can make a choice!  Will it matter? probaly not how many deaths do you know about from Revolution?  Screw it they won and we can too if we work at it.


4 Responses to Quality of life

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Life is a bitch regardless, but it is harder for you. It doesn’t have to be that way. It SHOULDN’T be that way. Life is made much harder by a bunch of politicians and petty bureaucrats who’ve never had to struggle in their entire lives just to get by. They need to receive the message “Your time is over, we don’t need you”. And I will continue to scream from the mountain top until they get that message or I die. Life as a slave is no life at all, there is no enjoyment in it, no matter how hard I try to fool myself. It’s always waiting there in the back of my mind, and comes back to the front whenever I’ve run out of distractions. I will resist, no matter the cost…

  2. Jamie says:

    Craig I don’t know if it’s harder than most. But it certainly presents challenges and I don’t like others who think they can place some arbitrary value on my life.
    Saw a pinhead either in the Wash. Post or the NY Times that wanted Zimmerman to cop a plea and stated “I think most Americans could agree to that”. Seeing as most Americans are not facing 10 years to life in prison I suppose he might be right.
    It would be convenient for the MSM to have this whole Zimmerman/Martin fiasco go away.
    But that is not justice.

  3. denim3225 says:

    You fill everyone who reads your blog with inspriration. Being disabled also, I do not lay down and roll over, but each day brings challanges, depending on how I feel that particular day. Some days are filled with pain, but yet I still have to get into the garden and till, dig, plant, sow, etc if I am going to eat this year. I know many people who look at me, as my disabled does not show outside, its all inside holding my spine up so I can at least walk or stand up with some aids. It amazes me that people ask how I garden, how I am able to do it. You just “do it”, but they are folks who have never had to worry about where their next meals were coming from. Since I was little, my grandparents struggled with where the next meal was coming from, being depression era, they managed to place some of the most awesome meals in front of me, simple, flavorful meals, but my grandparents were Amish who left the order but still practiced old ways in a modern era.
    I know many like you said in your post, you could place detailed instructions how to soak beans, and the idiots would stand there with their mouths open and the deer in the headlights look and still couldn’t get it.
    I am in my mood now where I do not care about anyone else, but me, and my little hamlet that I live in. I worrry about me only. It is selfish but I do not share garden blessings with anyone or anything. Usually when someone asks if they can have produce, I ask for an hours worth of work and all I get is “its too hard of work”, so I quit being nice.
    As far as the politicians, and the PTB’s, They have no attention of mine except what they are up to, and I watch that carefully. I know that if it was up to the current administration, he wants up dead and growing worms somewhere. At least we would be useful!

  4. Jamie says:

    denim, I agree with you that being able to eat always provides me with motivation. When I think back at all I have accomplished I’m a bit stunned and I sometimes think it would impossible to accomplish if I said 3 years ago I will have this _____ done.
    You must take care of yourself first and only then can you help others. You have tried and they have failed, not you.
    I’m incredibly lucky in the fact I do have good neighbors and a couple of family members to count on. But, I get a variation on the excuse that the work is to hard . The one I used to get was it cost to much! Then when I point out I get less than half of what they make a month, I get the excuse that somehow it is easier for me than it wouild be for them.

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