Battling the Zombie Hordes or shopping on the first of the Month

Well it’s that time again when my sales,  discounts and check  all arrive on the the first of the month.  One nice thing about Cash and Carry is they don’t accept EBT/ food stamps so the 1st is just another day compared to someplace like Winco or Wally world. That is a good thing as I will be doing most of my shopping at C&C this week.

They have a great deal on Large eggs 15 Doz. for  $13.98.  Anytime I can get eggs for less than a dollar a dozen I’m happy. I’ll use mineral oil and stash them in basement as I can get 6 months easy  storage time. Plus eggs are a cheap protien and so flexible in cooking and baking.  I know that sounds like a lot of eggs for just one person but if you figure 1-2 doz. per week (depending on number of folks in the household) that is only 3-4 months of eggs.

Next on the list is 50 lbs. of Long grain white rice for $17.00. I had to raise my my price point because of inflation. So now it’s 50 # of rice for under $20.00 and if properly stored you can get an easy 20 years. Plus I like rice and I think it is good as long as you mix up with other starches and pasta to avoid “food fatigue”.  You will be hard press to find any other food that will give you 500 servings for such a low price.

Im going to try adding a few #10 cans to my storage especially veggies and fruits.   I’ll probably be the one doing some comunity cooking either for my nieghbors or my family so adding some diced tomatoes for $3.50 for a #10 can. With my stock pots I could make a Big batch of chili then can the chili. So I have a couple of recipes to try out and use up a big can of tomatoes without anything spoiling.

1 box of food grade freezer bags for $2.80 120 count. I really like this size for my BOB and survival/charity buckets. Plus if you make a big meal and have leftovers it’s great size for thawing for a quick meal.  I got the regular bags but the freezer grade are thicker and I think are worth the extra cost.

Last but not least  5 lbs. of lime and lemons each at just under $10.00 total. I’ve been wanting to try a couple of preserving methods that in involve salting and dehydrating.  Vitamin C is always a critical element in survival plus I really want to learn to make lime sherbert.

So total cost is about $55.00 not counting tax and all of these items give me anywhere from 3 months-20 + years they can be stored. Since May is Cinco de Mayo it’s a great opportunity to get bulk items for Latino recipes.  C&C has Masa corn flour for sale for making your own corn tortillas and other items but I’m already good on those.  So you should take advantage of any store that has a a holiday sale on ethnic foods.  I know I picked up some great items during Chinese New year sales. Epecially the Wok which is a great multi- tasker cooking tool.

I’ll be taking Mom shopping as I get to piggy back on her 10% senior discount and get another  rain barrel.  Fred Meyers is having the 10% senior day as well and I’ll get a few frozen dinners on sale as well. I know they are not the best meals and not even close to good home cooking but some days I need quick and easy. So I might as well get them as cheaply as possible.

I finally got the the 15 lbs. of bacon in the freezer and I’m still working on the onions dehydrating and I’d like to freeze some as well. So a bit of work learning a new method of preservation.  My sister is coming over to borrow the Electric chainsaw for a little trimming and my neighbor had a bunch of volunteer Sunflowers and my sister loves sunflowers. So I’ll be giving her about 8 sunflower starts and they are of course hierlooms.

Becoming a prepper is simple if not always easy and nothing says you have to spend a lot of money all at once.  There are some basic ideas and folks that have gone and done it will help you out but this is about you and how you want to live. I know some folks that have been gypsies and live on the road and now want a few comforts of electricity but don’t want to be tied to the grid. Now with solar panels getting so cheap they were astounded looking at my little 20 watt panel and how cheap it was on Amazon.   They are kind of hippies in outlook and I tend toward more of a conservative/libertarian outlook. But we both bemaon our “Elites” and the crap coming out of DC.

Remember this is about you and your life and how you want to live! I can show you how I do it as cheaply as possible and what works for me may not work for you. I’m single with no kids  which is not what most folks are. I’m 100% disabled with a military background which gives me a different slant/mindset than most folks.  Use what you learn and branch out and make it work for you. There is no finish line and it’s all pass/ fail if you live you pass.  I don’t think you have an excuse not to try as I’m disabled and living on the princely sum of under $20 grand per year and I don’t get foodstamps, nor a cell phone, or internet nor a subsidy for my power provided by the governement.  If you get those items use them for all they are worth and get ready for when the PTBs cut them, and I beleive they will in the future.  The future is looking a bit bleak and we have to be ready to create communities and help each other and I have no problem of sucking up what the PTBs dole out to keep the masses pacified as long as they are stockpiling and moving toward independence and self-reliance.  Get strong, get independent, learn and build skills. Keep building yourself and your community and when the PTBs try to enforce the dictats from on high.  Simply start ignoring them as not being relevant in your life. Remeber they want you to fear them.


2 Responses to Battling the Zombie Hordes or shopping on the first of the Month

  1. riverrider says:

    yes, we stay away from all the stores and restaurants on/near the first of the month. we pretty much hide until the 10th or so. the zombies are spent out by then. funny thing, i was at lowes yesterday getting chicken wire(thought i’d be clear of zombies there), came out to see hoards of them streaming in,in slow motion, wearing their sunday best 200.00 sneakers. they sure weren’t dressed to work, so what are they buying at lowes? i didn’t stick around to find out…..great job the last couple weeks, you continue to inspire. take care. out here.

  2. Jamie says:

    I can usually wait till after the first but so far this year the 1st of the month have fallen on Mom’s senior discount day along with some sales I wanted to get so we just try and get shopping by about 10AM and done by about 1PM and it’s usually not to bad. I see those news stories about EBT cards getting filled late and scares me when folks are so low on food that even a couple of hours or couple of days causes a major panic. Everytime I see stories like that I think of just minor disasters of ATMs going down or truck deliveries being held up for a couple of days could make folks lose it.
    River, I hope its a good sign that even folks that don’t normally go to lowes and hardware/homestores are trying some do it yourself stuff. Then again I’m an incurable optomist!

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