What an interesting week and good one as well.

I’ve been as giddy as a school girl with my plumbing fix. Today I used the dishwasher and wonder of wonders my dishes are actually clean!  I’ve been blaming it on the washer being old or the soap isn’t that good since it’s phosphate free.  But it seems it was a drainage problem and the washer could not get rid of the dirty water.  The $50.00 or so I spent getting things fixed was worth it big time. I’m no plumber but it was very satisfying to get so many benefits from some low cost tools and doing the simple repairs for myself.  I think these those things with plumbing have been gnawing at me for awhile and while it’s no great effort to lift the the water shut off arm on the toilet you know you are just making do. Things are just not right with the world, plus it gets expensive on water if you forget!

We had a frost last night and I’ve been waiting to put my plants in the ground. I think it was the right thing to do as my neighbor put her plants in late April and even with the plastic cover they seemed a bit droopy. It’s very strange we across the street from each other but her tulips took a beating in the frost and my were not effected at all.  I’m going to do a little bit of everything for planting beds and buckets. A few started and a few from seed and hopefully this year I’ll have a good harvest. One more year to go on the “lasagna” garden bed and one more rain barrel and I should have the basic garden stuff done.

Did up a batch of the dark ale tonight. I traded a beer for a friend to come over and break the sink strainer loose and he was happy with just a bottle. One thing I love about rednecks is you can get help if you offer beer as barter! I need to get some Lagers done for summertime as the “Tax” day party used up my stash LOL!  I’m not complaining it was nice that other folks also like my beer and not just cause it was free.

Got a new size bucket that holds about 2 gallons in volume that I’m setting up as my RV/BOV buckets.  I have 4 buckets and I’ll do one rice, one 16 bean mix, one Biscuit/pancake mix and one dehydrated goods.  That should be a good variety  of meals always on hand as well as ready to go with little notice. Needless to say the RV is not the greatest storage area for the  long term but these are small buckets and should be easy to rotate.

Last but not least it’s that time again to get out the spread sheets and do an inventory. I try to do this twice a year in May and November just to make sure  I got what I think I got as well as rotate.  I have added some new areas like a clothing shelf for storing basic warm clothing I get on sale and since I went to the Water barrels rather than just soda bottles for water storage my water footprint has change radically  for the better as far as space.  I couldn’t find a box of Kosher salt which I like to use for cooking and baking and I couldn’t find one.  Plenty of other types of salt from canning to Iodized but no Kosher so do I need to buy some or just find it?  If things get bad you don’t need the stress of looking for some thing you may have just forgot to update on your lists.

I’m a big believer that life is stressful enough just getting through the day. If you can make something simpler you need to do it.


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