The shopping list

Kind of a small list this week.  There are a couple of really good buys for Toilet paper at Walgreens and Paul’s market.  I’m rebuilding my stockpile of coffee after letting it go so long and living off the pantry hoping for a drop in price that has not happened yet. But Big Lot’s has a some cans of S&W coffee that’s not to bad for $7.00 a 34.5 oz can so I’ll try and pick up a couple of those and I’ve seen some buys on Yuban and Maxwell house for $7-$7.50 that I can see getting. I waited to long restocking and now I’m going to pay a price for replacing at a much higher cost.  Live and learn, if we are lucky enough.  I picked up some “junk silver”  as it’s on sale right now and stashed away a few green backs. Even though I’m in a credit union I’m leery of leaving any excess dollars in my account and not under my direct control.

I don’t need much of anything but I prefer shopping 3-6 months out. Last year I got some good buys on turkeys in the summer months and I hope I can do the same again this year. It was so nice to have all the basic food already on hand for the Holiday season.  The turkeys were great and not at all harmed spending a few months in the freezer.  I’m looking at Xmas gifts and hope to have those all bought up by July.  I don’t think  most of the family is ready for “Austerity” and they were kind of screwed up on shifting to picking names rather than the “consumer fest” they have grown accustomed too.

It’s funny as I’ve been getting stronger financially because I anticipated either rising costs or a cut in my SSD.  Most of it has to do with mindset and not the total amount of  money we get per month.  I figured I better learn to live on about 2/3rds of what I have coming in last year. I do it and because of my prepping it’s not to hard to do monthly.  Plus it has freed up quite few dollars to get some of those long term goals done a lot quicker than I anticipated.  My cash flow is getting stronger compared to the rest of my family because NUMBER 1 I am out of debt except for my house and Number 2 Almost everything I get is working to reduce my cost of living. The wood stove is a good example of that reducing costs and getting myself more independent.  Debt and compounding interest is an absolute budget buster in my opinion.  I realize that it is terribly difficult to get out of debt,  it takes a lot of work that is slow and tedious and not at all fun. But as someone that has done it I can tell you it is worth the pain.  Okay I don’t go out a lot nor have all the latest toys but I do have peace of mind.  I still have sat TV and an internet connection, a home phone and a cell.  I’m not living like the Amish, I think my life is darn good.  Not at all a struggle, about all I would wish for is gas prices to go down a bit so I could use my RV camping.  But that’s about it and  I can’t control the price of gas.

I’ve been feeling a little bummed out because of all the Greeks are going through. A couple of the sites I visit,  have folks from Greece and the rest of the Europe and it’s very bad and getting worse nearly everyday. Some are lucky that the did get a little prepared but this has been going on nearly 3 years of a slow bleed and now it getting really bad.  Percentage wise the USA and Greece are about equally broken. The only difference is the USA can print as many dollars it wants and Greece can’t print Euros.  With Countries like China, Russia and Brazil getting out of buying dollars as the reserve currency, I don’t see us all that far from having what is happening in Greece happening here in the good old US of A.

So we get ready for any panics and they may come. Don’t discount what the PTBs may do in order to protect the system and their place in it.  WE have seen so many folks in denial that when reality hits home they are going to be angry and it will take time for them to accept the “New Normal” if they can accept it.  Some of the Sheeples may actually be better off in the FEMA camps I’m sorry to say, as they will not be able to handle life after a SHTF event.  At least 20% of the population is on anti-depressants or drugs that keep them functioning and if those drugs are removed suddenly they will have mental and physical breakdowns.  I expect most will simply shutdown but the ones that don’t will be a handful.

Sorry for being so gloomy today cause the news has not been very good lately. I should be bouncing out or it soon and get on with the things I can control.


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