Bacon, eggs and other stuff…

Finally got all the eggs oiled and ready for storage.  Kind of tedious to sit and rub Mineral oil on 15 dozen eggs but I now have breakfasts on hand for nearly 4 months without going to the store.  Eggs can last a long time if you treat them properly and four months is easy to make.  I’ve stored eggs up to 9 months but the whites tend to get kind of runny, though the flavor is just fine.  It seems fresh eggs straight from the chicken hold up a lot better long term than store bought eggs. At least in the test I have done.

Bacon eggs and toast is a breakfast I can eat everyday with no complaints. I don’t seem to get tired of it but I’ve added oatmeal and hope to add grits to give me some more variety. I have biscuit mixes stored but very little pancake mix.  I’m not a big fan of pancakes or maple syrup so I just don’t go to the trouble of storing a lot of  it.  I think I have about 5 pounds for other family members but they better have their own syrup.  LOL

There are a couple of special breakfast meals I like and that is french toast and Frittata. I rally like fritata for using up leftovers and a pan of that can really stretch stuff for a meal.  French Toast is great and I can’t taste the difference if I’m using powder or UDT rather than regular milk. So it is easy to make from the pantry if you got eggs.I use real vanilla extract and if your local mega mart has a latino foods section you can get a great buy on the real stuff compared to the “regular” spice area.

I took the plunge and filled up the mini-van. I let it get to a quarter of a tank but I was not to worried about an event happening. Plus I have over 30 gallons of real (no ethanol) gas stored. But things are getting a little more interesting than I prefer so I topped off the tank and it took almost exactly $50.00 and I was hoping to get away with only $40.00 but it had to be done and now I’m feeling a bit more secure as I want the stored gas for the generators.

Picked a few more bic lighters. These are the smaller sized ones that I can add to the barter box or use myself.  I looked at some of the places that sell bic lighters through and while the initial price is low the darned shipping costs are sky high. I know it doesn’t cost $14.00 to ship the weight of 50 bic lighters. So I’ll just keep getting them at the local stores. I think some folks forget to add the shipping costs to the total price on some items they get on-line. But it can really make a big difference on the total cost per item. I think the bic’s quality makes up for the higher cost in the long run compared to some of the cheap lighters I have bought in the past.

Last but not least the garden is doing very good I’m already seeing new growth on most of my starter plants. In particular the strawberry and tomatoes.  Let’s hope they keep growing and a good harvest is in the works this year. I’m afraid we are going to need all the help we can get…


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  1. riverrider says:

    jamie, yes fresh eggs last longer. they are coated with a natural sealant on the way out of the chicken. they will last upwards of 3 months, if you don’t wash them, without any other treatment. i had heard of dipping them in parafin to extend their use, but not mineral oil. thats much less labor/resource intensive than parafin. i have to admit that i buy stuff online w/out considering shipping, but only when i can’t find the quantity or particular item i want elsewhere. sometimes you have to consider the cost of gas and time into the equation as well…..i’m nervous about the euro situation too. people forget that the greeks have a huge advantage over us. they have an alternate currency to fall back on. they are taking their euros out now, which will still be worth euros. when we take out dollars, there is no backup. dollars are all we got. and won’t be worth crap. take care n stack it high.

  2. Jamie says:

    river, Mom gives me some of her extra eggs from her chickens and I did a test with both. I don’t wash the Fresh eggs but I did coat them with mineral oil and the held up much better than the store bought eggs. You can get mineral oil at your local Drugstore and 16 oz. bottle lasts forever and is good for oiling wooden cutting boards and other oiling tasks. I put little oil on a foodsafe glove and you can wipe the eggs down fairly quickly.
    On the shipping it’s like that old saying “If you watch the pennies the Dollars take care of them selves.”
    I’m still stacking and got my dimes when silver was at $27.36 per oz. and it’s staying below $29.00 this weekend so it’s still a good time to get some silver on sale. I agree on the backup idea but I saw some rumors that the Euro has a letter designator for each country and the greeks are trying to get the Euro with the German country code.

  3. riverrider says:

    roger all of the above. some gurus say there will be a dip in metals right before the crash. this may be the dip, only it didn’t go as low as predicted. or there may be another later, i don’t know, but i do know there was no logical reason for the dip this time. it just “happened”. somebody somewhere is playing the market i guess. i have a bad feeling in my gut too. the dark lord talked the g8 into believing that spending, not cutting, is the way out of the global recession. they have truly lost their minds. any logical person knows you can’t spend your way out of debt, never ever. i’m now convinced there is a global conspiracy afoot, only i can’t figure their end game. where’s the upside to total destruction of the world?

  4. Jamie says:

    river, It’s always funny to listen to the “Smart money” before a crisis and how terrible metals are but, in a margin call the easiest and the fastest thing to liquidate is PM’s. I’ve noticed in any big margin call PM’s almost always drop quickly. It also tends to bounce back darn fast as well. Leverage, just like debt is gambling with your future and you are betting things will stay the same or get better and if they don’t you are screwed and can lose everything. But if you deleverage (get out of debt) and only buy stuff that is real that you can use to live. You are somewhat safe! At least that’s how I see it.
    I do think we will see a few more sales in PM’s this year. June is going to be an interesting month for the EU and I think August here in the USA will start seeing some of the folks overleveraged and holding debt get hit hard. This Facebook IPO fiasco proved the average Joe sixpack investor isn’t buying the hype!

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