Making beer and more shopping ideas

I making up a couple of batches of beer today, an Amber Ale and a pale Lager. My Beer Lady got me a flyer for the Canyon County Fair and Beer is going to judged for the home crafts section of the fair. I think I may enter my pale lager and see how it does overall. They have everything that’s legal to home brew from wines to ciders to mead and cordials.  So it should be fun to go and see how others do their “Homebrew”.  I’m going to try a secondary fermentation stage on the Pale lager and see how that effects the quality of the finished product.  The Fair isn’t till the last week of July so I will have plenty of time to do few types and see what turns out the best for the competing as I can only submit 1 type of beer.

Big Lots is having a 10% off coupon for all members of the Armed forces as well as veterans so I’ll be stopping by Saturday and get a case of wet dog food , a can of coffee and 1 more box of the Ritz crackers for the pantry. I feel a powerful need to have the next four months of goods ready to go and I’m not sure why? But I listen to those nagging little gut feeling as #1 they do me no harm and I usually end up getting some good buys out of it. Perhaps just feeling a little bad I let my coffee level so low or just the news is making me feel a little extra paranoid. I did pickup 3 cans of coffee at Freddy’s today for $7.50 each and if I can get a couple of the S&W for $6.30 at Big Lots I should start feeling better about the next few months.

Walgreen’s ad on Sunday the 20th has a super buy on bic lighters.  Two packages of 5 lighters each for $6.00,  I’ll be getting at least $12.00 worth or 20 lighters for my barter box and pantry. If you have read Selco’s blog SHTF School about his time during the war in Bosnia you know how those bic lighters was one of the best barter goods to have on hand.  I have no idea if things get really bad what is the best thing to have for trade.

I have watch the slow bleed of Greece of three years of recession quickly moving towards a full bore depression and most of the preppers I know or read have about 3 months to one years worth of essentials. If this happens slowly you may find yourself eating all your food before things really get bad.  One reason I’m such a fan of Kellene at as she sees prepping as a way of life and not just a bit of insurance.  I know some of you are living it but what if for the last 3 years you had your paycheck cut in half or it’s been gone altogether and you have been living on your preps and today you are not even sure if your bank will open on Monday? Or you will face a limit of how much of your own money you will be able to withdrawal from the bank?  Folks in Greece, Spain, Ireland and Italy are facing those questions.  We aren’t special in the USA as the country we match up with best percentage wise is Greece.

Stay loose and keep prepping and for goodness sakes pay attention the the PTBs!  They  are not going to broadcast when things go bad and you will have to depend on yourself!


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