Yet another terrorist group “infiltrated”. UPDATE

Now this is just getting stupid from the Alphabet government agencies.  Now they are infiltrating #OWS and arrested folks for trying to make Molotov cocktails and confiscating beer making equipment. How in the hell do you try to make a Molotov cocktail?  It’s gas, a bottle, a rag and a lighter combined. That’s it!  nothing special and if you have a grill and or a lawnmower at home you probably have all the ingredients on hand.  That hardly makes anyone a terrorist!

Beer making does not require anything fancier than a big stock pot and a food safe  bucket with an airlock.  Hell,  I’m always telling you all how easy it is to make beer and the equipment is simple to make or buy.  Now am I terrorist cause I make homemade beer or I store gasoline?  Are they  going to say you have a propane tank so now you are going to TRY and make a fuel/ air bomb?  Or you store a  fertilizer for your garden or lawn so now you want to be the next Timothy Mcveigh?

I have no great feeling for #OWS  they want a bailout or bigger government and I’m a small government, maximum liberty kind of gal.  While I don’t agree with what they are trying to accomplish they do have the right to peacefully protest and exercise those rights guaranteed by the Constitution and arrest, detain them over 24-48 hours before they are charged with a crime does not sound right.  I also know that beer making equipment is not a terrorist threat of any sort.

Have you noticed all of these latest “terrorist” threat seem to have the alphabet agencies actively helping the so-called terrorist? Look up those nasty Huratees and see what’s happening with them? Always! we are perfectly safe as those darned old terrorists were tricked by or g-men.  Get real, I can’t believe that the real terrorist cells don’t practice a little better security and OPSEC than what we have seen lately! I’m darned open with my info because I’m not a terrorist but I know a lot of preppers that are kind of quiet about what they have because of the media and FBIies blowing any preps out of proportion. It sure doesn’t make them terrorists either.

Any way I’m sure getting tired of all these shenanigans and all I can see that it is accomplishing is keeping folks divided and making sure the PTBs keep their power and of funding.

I got my IIIper stickers in and added to the Water bottles and I think they look really good. I’ll get some more done and get some pics up so you can see them.


The allegation is that some of the protestors were intending to use beer bottles (apparently there was actual beer-making equipment where the bottles were seized) to make Molotov cocktails.

There is also an allegation of actual police misconduct:

Update II:

Officials revealed that at least two of the “suspects” being held were undercover police, while three people were charged as “terrorists” for possessionof beer-making material, on the assumption that they could theoretically fill empty beer bottles with gasoline and use their bandanas to light them on fire.

WOW this keeps getting better and better!

10 Responses to Yet another terrorist group “infiltrated”. UPDATE

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Anything outside the “norm” is now “domestic terrorism”, as defined by government’s corporate masters it would appear. You or anyone else making beer cuts into Anheuser-Bush (now part of the Euro conglomerate InBev) profits. International corporations run and rule Amerika, can’t have us little people cutting into their profit margins…

  2. Jamie says:

    It’s worse than that Craig if you don’t go for the media hype/government propaganda you are a threat and must be made to feel the peer pressure and fall in line like all the other sheep.
    I think one of the best things I ever did was my protest of not getting the new EPA smog approved BS registration for my mini van. I found out that I don’t believe in the law as much as I believe in justice.
    Probably this year I’ll break down and change out that stupid check engine light sensor and properly register my vehicle but doing 18 months of flaunting a stupid law has really changed my attitude towards the bureaucratic BS. Yes I’ll cave on this as it would be dumb to “be made an example” for such minor crap. But somehow I have changed because I did not cower and fear tuck my tail and lick the hand of the PTBs. I’m making the choice, and that makes the difference if only to myself.
    My brother about freaked out when I told him I didn’t register the van and what if I got pulled over? I told him they PTBs would probably confiscate my car and fine me. I also have an old 1976 RV (Not covered under the new EPA rules) and a trike so I could still get around although it could cost a bit more in gas sometimes.

    • Craig Cavanaugh says:

      My registration is three months out. I don’t really give a shit. I’ll renew it when I can afford to, which won’t be next month either because I need another new tire. Useful before “legal”, screw ’em.

  3. Jamie says:

    Damn I make beer and I’d never use my homebrew beer bottles to make a molotov . Good bottles are expensive and hard to collect!

  4. riverrider says:

    jamie, did you notice those baby blue u.n. helmets the riot police were wearing? kinda makes you go “hummm”. you are right, the feds are blatantly entrapping these yoyos. and the band plays on……

  5. Jamie says:

    I didn’t see the Baby blue Kevlar the UN likes so well I thought it was just the Chicago cops normal helmet color!

  6. I hear stuff like this and I would love to believe it is a sick joke. Sadly, I know better. OpSec is critical but we can’t let it completely hamstring us either. Dunno ’bout you, but I have a life to live and I can’t live that if I am bent out of shape on ‘covering my butt’. Of course this is the opening that these agencies prefer to exploit.
    Of course, the OWS is now getting a lesson in what led up to Ruby Ridge.

  7. Jamie says:

    dio, I know what you mean. I thought long and hard last year about shutting the blog down and going Greyman. But after a lot of thought I realised that just what the PTBs wanted me to do. I’m positive since that time I have helped a few people get started or do better on preparing on a budget. I know this blog has kept me focused on my goals and attain them faster than I ever thought possible. That alone makes this blog worthwhile to me.

    • riverrider says:

      jamie, i think you are safe. there are so many sites out there, some are quite subversive and even hate mongering, that you will be very low on their list. just stay away from using the keywords. they have my dna, how do i pretend to have opsec after that 😉

  8. Jamie says:

    I’m going to try and follow this story but I suspect it will go down the memory hole especially after the infiltration and arrest of minions of the PTBS.

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