Power costs are going up a lot!

Read a frightening story about electricity soaring because of the EPA shutting down so many coal plant.   DirectorBlue (Doug Ross) has a superb summary of recent updates on the colossal increase in electricity prices being imposed by the Obama EPA.  With the ongoing and prospective shutdown of coal-fired generating plants throughout the Northeast, the recent power-capacity auction for the year 2015 produced a market-clearing price of $136 per megawatt, or eight times the price from the 2012 capacity auction. Imagine the average $120 or so monthly electric bill of Northeasterners exploding to $960 a month.  The 500-700% increase would produce average bills running from $600-720 a month.        Via HotAir.com

This is the price that the electric companies have actually committed to pay and not a forecast or estimate. If you can  start getting some solar panels and some propane for some dual fuel fridge and freezers because this is one of  Obama’s promises that is already coming true. the US government is slapping a tariff on foreign made solar panels so those will jump in price soon.  Get a few small panels at least so you can put a small solar array together later if  not now.  Newer RV fridges can run on propane, and both 12 volt DC and 120 volt AC power and  if you can power a fridge for 6 hours per day it should keep cold enough for perishable food. Get some of those little solar lamps for the yard you can get them for $1.00- $2.00 each and you can have a safe nightlight and they have a rechargeable battery, usually AA you can use in flashlights and small electronic gadgets.  If you have a car you can get a small 400 watt inverter and use that as a charging station or generator for low wattage items. Plus charge up your laptop and phones.

This will have a huge effect on the cost of everything and some Government  Energy folks are already forecasting rolling blackouts for coal dependent states. Think about Hospitals, grocery stores with their huge banks of freezers and coolers, plus any factories and businesses. These guys can’t really cut back on energy use. Heck look what happens in an unexpected power outage. Traffic lights, ATMs and Cash register stop working, and people start loosing it after a very short time. How long will the water and sewer plants work without constant electricity? and how much do you think those service will rise as cities and towns try to keep them going no matter the cost of power?

Get to thinking on how you can adapt now by keeping cash always on hand for shopping, keeping the gas tank half full or more and practice it now and it won’t be such a shock if or when it does happen. Of course there will be more you can do to adapt as all of us preppers are finding out.


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  1. SciFiChick says:

    Our POTUS assured us that the price of electricity WILL go up and taxes and sanctions would be raised on our electric power by making it so hard for the coal industry to power our needs. (coal equals electricity) that many could go out of business. We are in real danger of losing our power in the near future.
    Great Article!

  2. Jamie says:

    Sci, it is really terrifying! I saw last year the EPA was forecasting a increase of 15-30% because of the regulations but this is an actual purchase for 2013-2015 so folks do have a little time to get ready but I see this as much worse than the rolling blackouts California suffered a few years back as this will effect most of the country east of the Rockies.
    If they do change after they shut down the coal generators. It’s going to cost a lot of money to restart them and who knows if the USA will have much coal, the way the Chinese are buy up every little bit they can.

  3. riverrider says:

    ho-ly crap batman!

  4. The biggest hurdle many face with thinking of ‘going off grid’ is what they can do without and how to come up with a workaround for what they can’t do without.
    Once I figured how to make my fridge functional being plugged in once a day, everything else smoothed out. BTW, not all RV fridges are three way Some are only two, As mine was.(the previous owner yanked out all the gas appliances including the propane section of the fridge and it is now strictly 120) I load the freezer with water bottles I have frozen up elsewhere (could have done it here but I didn’t want to tax my system) and run the fridge once a day for a few hours. Long enough to refreeze what has thawed. That is my biggest drain. Everything else runs off the 12v or a 700 watt inverter. I installed a small two burner ‘camp stove’ for cooking and that really only gets used for making coffee so far. I grill out a lot (charcoal or hardwood smokes) for the other stuff.

    The other side of it is, learning to discipline yourself to turn off stuff. One needs to be anal retentive about this. The first time one kills a battery pack will be the start of the ‘light nazi’, trust me.

    Hard times are ahead for all. Power and food will be used as weapons against the very people that are the real power source of this country. It has been done extensively in the past, and will be done again. Expect to see ration cards again (now in the form of food stamps. Will be expanded upon) They want us completely dependent upon the state. Those of us making the effort to get off that ticket will be up for grabs at some point, and not in a good way.

  5. Jamie says:

    dio, you are right on the fridges. We have an RV salvage yard about 20 miles away and at least the RV fridge gives some alternate fuel source even if it’s just propane. I have a newer fridge in my RV and I know my small RV propane tank will keep it cold for at least 2 weeks. Even using my propane for all cooking and heating water on a camping trip.
    I got frozen 2 liter soda bottle in all of my freezer that are ready to go. Or keep in place for any outages.

    Dang my reply got long enough maybe I should do a post for alternate energy!

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