Craig needs a little help

If you have hit my blog roll or been a part of the Liberty/IIIper/patriot movement for a while you have probably stopped by Craig’s blog of KISS or read some of his fiction. You probably know he’s been trying and he has been feeling that the darned  universe is actively picking on him.  I don’t think that is happening but that demon Murphy has been trying to kick his butt.  Any how he had a job lined up for catching bait and the owner of the boat decided to sell and like most of us Craig could not buy him out. Craig was in a serious spot as well as being a bit pissed at the universe again and…..

Someone is giving him a boat for free!  All Craig has to do is get it from Louisiana to Texas. Craig seems to have that covered, now he needs a few traps to catch this bait called “piggy perch” and each trap cost about $35.00. Now I can’t afford a trap but I can afford to give him $20.00 on the 1st of June for a few gallons of gas.  I know the the idea of my blog is self-reliance but I see us as an internet tribe/clan and we help each other and we don’t depend on the government if we can take care of ourselves.  I have been blessed and I’m ready for the collapse I see coming. Craig doesn’t need a handout he just needs a few tools and the most costly has been given. The person that donated the boat. Sir, you are a rare human being!  Craig this will cost you in the future of paying forward as well!

We are a clan and I’ve seen many folks helped as well as me receiving a gift out of the blue. Not  because I’m deserving but because they are just “good people”. WE may be separated by miles, by borders but we are a clan. Plus it makes me feel good that the NSA and FBI may be listening in and they can’t find a target as this clan is so diverse.


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