How about a little happy news?

Idaho has kind of weird thing for sales tax on food. You get charged the tax and then get a refund when you send in you Idaho income tax form.  I’m not sure if everyone knows how it works but I always do my taxes for my records and to get this little refund of $80.00 this year and it just came in the mail today.

I run down to the bank and cash it and then head to one of my local gun shops and pick up a little more ammo for Sasha. I slowly building up that supply a few boxes at a time. I can get it for under $6.00 per box of 20 and building a good stockpile for her is big on my to-do list. Anyway if you are a gun nut of any sort you always got to look around a bit and guess what I found?  Pistol Magazines for my Hi-point pistols!  Huzzah and bounce, bounce for joy and 2 more Mags came home with me.  I got to splurge a little and move up a couple of buys a little bit on the basic goals I’m trying to get done with next week’s check.

I’m still trying to decide on another roll of dimes or more basic goods for my four month gut check. I’m leaning towards getting the goods and having some cash on hand and waiting on the dimes another month. I got my 4 yards of 100% cotton that gives me about 15 yards total.  It sounds like a lot but it’s not all that much if you sew and make a lot of stuff, but it’s a start for me. With my vet discount it was $10.14 which is not bad price for good cloth.

Yes, I do a new budget almost every month. I keep a list of my basic bills and when they are due but,  I have found life is moving to fast to keep my budget set in stone. If I go the basic goods route I can get my last rain barrel on the first of June and having my water plan finished is very important to me.  Now that I’ve crunched the numbers it looks like the basic goods get the nod because of the cost of wood for the stove.  If  Dad can sell my  boat that could change but I’m not counting on the sale happening.

Got to spread the news on the sales I got to the gals at the Credit Union.  I know they don’t make a lot of money and if I can let them know about sales and stuff that saves them money perhaps they will get a little extra food, goods or cash they can put away for a rainy day. I don’t discuss prepping to much outside of my tribe anymore. If other folks make the connections for them selves so much the better.

Sorry for the the stream of thinking and crunching number during this post.  When I get things down in words and really look at stuff it seems  more real than me just chasing ideas around in my mind. Doing yearly goals, monthly goals and then breaking them down into how I will pay for them each check makes them easier to accomplish.  I’m almost always amazed when I look back and see all that I have managed to get done so far this year and there has been no slippage in the basic timelines.  Overall I’m about a month ahead on my basic schedule. I imagine that demon “Murphy” will show up anytime and knock the arrogance right out of me. But until he does I’m going to enjoy and give myself a little mental hug for doing so well.



5 Responses to How about a little happy news?

  1. I don’t think you are wrong on that 4 month thought. I was saying that things would go interesting in November or December, January at the latest. Since the last PatCom and the Summit I attended and some of the information that was passed along and some research into the financial realms, I have upped my guess to mid-September.
    4 months away.


    Keep plugging away, Every day you wake up breathing is yet another day to get something done.

  2. Jamie says:

    I always hope I’m wrong and while i used to panic and scare myself to death. Now it’s fall and winter are coming get your stuff together this summer. There’s a storm coming, make sure you ready if it’s just a few flakes or a white out blizzard.

    I was thinking of all the stuff you do with metal and I thought about a heat exchanger(Freezer) that worked via solar power and/or via propane I saw in a a great site that teaches the 3rd world how to use technology suited to them in a 3rd world setting. I’ve lost the darn link but it was an effort via the UN and US peace corps. One of the pdf. I got was called village technology. I’m no fan of these people at the UN or peace corps but even a blind squirrel will find a nut once and a while.

  3. Jamie says:

    I know quite a few of the folks that visit the site as well as my self would think nothing about not shopping for 2 weeks or even a month. I tested 2 months of no shopping that’s why I have crackers candy bars and treats stashed as well as learning to make my own goodies. But four months of no shoping is a real challenge! Of course I thought 5 days on stored water would be doable if not easy and I only lasted 4 days. I have to say everytime Ive done a test I learned it is never as easy as I think it will be and I learn to make it easier for the next test.
    I cheat!

  4. Karen says:

    You know Jamie, I appreciated your water test, and at the time I felt we were good on water, even with the higher amounts/person. but now I’m not so sure, as we’re experiencing unusually high temperature and zero rain for quite a while. I’ve been watering like crazy-the garden, berries, fruit trees and grapes-I don’t want my garden to fail! We have a large shed, so I’m thinking maybe we should invest in installing gutters and rain barrels around it (already have barrels for the house). Good grief!

  5. Jamie says:

    Karen I know the feeling! I was awful cocky about how I was doing on water until the TEST!
    I get my rain barrels for about $30.00 at My local farm store or if you have a soda bottling plant nearby you might get them used.
    I think the rain gutters are a great idea and you can start with a few sections at a time.

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