Shopping for the four month gut check and a screw up

I screwed up and missed a payment and it cost me $24.00 in “Stupid Fees”.  My own stupidity, and I did almost exactly the same thing last year in May.  I think it because the bill falls on the 10th and I just need to pay it on the first of the month and count it done.  I’m telling you all because all can have a screw up and all you do is fix it, move ahead and don’t beat yourself up over it.

So my shopping list got squeezed a little bit but I still got the brisket, sausage and veggies.  But I had to skip the sugar and rice this time around.  Not to worry I still have plenty of both for the year.  My roll of Mercury dimes are here and I found a couple of the Walking Liberty 1/2 dollars, so I do feel like I did get a good buy while silver was on sale this last week.

Picked up the fixings for the Dark Lager and Ale to brew up this weekend. I’ll be doing some testing and see which one turns out the best for entry in the county fair next month. I can only enter 1 beer so it will have to be the best on I can make!  I’ll be finishing up the Beer making post that cover bottling,  carbonation and conditioning this weekend.

I’m also getting some more free plants from the nieghbors. Lemon balm, tomatos and some more leaf lettuce. Plus my little cucumber bushe have got the first little flowers on them so I’m excited about that!

So over all the screwup didn’t hurt to bad as I was able to adjust my shopping list.  Still got my ammo, tobacco and some other odds and ends done so I’m feeling confident of going a few months with out being able to shop.  If gas prices can start going down I’ll be getting another propane tank and get busy on the RV tanks.

Looks like some folks are starting to wake up that things are not getting better and we might be heading for a huge reset.  Don’t panic and keep working your plan and stay with the priorities.

3 Responses to Shopping for the four month gut check and a screw up

  1. Gods-Hammer says:

    About the $24 late charge… contact your creditor and simply ask them to remove the charge…..they will likely remove that for you once a year…. worth a phone call at least.

  2. Jamie says:

    Hammer, it was my fault! I did owe the bill and missed the payment. So I’ll go ahead and eat it. I’m going to start paying the bill a little early and add a reminder to my calander so I don’t forget it again.

  3. Jamie says:

    Folks don’t worry about me I’m just tweaking my preps. Oh sure I want more but I’m set for about 2 years on food basics and about 6 months of water. I’m good for 3 porta-potties as well as my old RV as backup. I think I was ahead of the power curve for building my preps as I got in and started in 2007 before everything broke and bought before everything got expensive. While I do think my lesson on disabilty was a bit extreame from God. I have to admit his motivation has inspired me. I’ll also moan and groan as things don’t go my way. Over all I think I’ve done darn good and if God will give me this summer and more time I’ll be happy.

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