Big storm blew through last night

The storm came in last night about 7PM and we saw almost a 40 degree drop in temps between Monday and Tuesdays Highs. Some gusty winds up to 60-65 mph.  I know for some of you folks that’s just a breeze but did do a little destruction here.  Mostly tree limbs down in few spots but Our grid had some major outages and Twin Falls had power knocked out to its water plant. Power was restored but everything had to shut down water usage , Farm irrigation, Industry as well as homes. They placed a ban on water lawns till Thursday and asked folks to conserve water as much as possible!

I think this is a good example on how fragile our water systems are as well as how quickly even a short term interruption can have on our lives.  We have to have irrigation here in Southern Idaho because of the Hi-desert climate and without water the harvest is toast.  Please folks I can’t say this enough of getting your water needs taken care of before summer starts straining the system!

I did find some cool water pump/watering systems for rain barrels at You can use your garden hose and sprayer just like normal as long as the water holds out.  If your gravity feed system isn’t providing enough pressure to get out to what you have to water, having one of these might be an answer.  Just search solar water pumps on Amazon and you will find the pumps.

2 Responses to Big storm blew through last night

  1. riverrider says:

    glad you’re mc after the storm. i have a hand pump to get water from my rain catchment, but it would be cool to have a pump to send it thru the house pipes instead, run on solar. i need to switch out the elec h2o heater for a gas one too. good reminder,thanks. i have most all the “stuff” i need, its getting to the “doing” part that i’m having trouble with. i never thought that would be a prob, but since i retired i don’t have motivation to do hardly anything. i gotta reach down n grab em i guess. wish me luck,LOL.

  2. Jamie says:

    river, I know what you mean the hardest step of any project is just to start.

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