Odds and ends weekend

Power was restored to everyone yesterday and the Power company claims this is one of the biggest power outages they have seen in decades.  I don’t think that storm should have had such big effect on the grid, this was an average spring storm with wind gust at the highest of 60-65 straight-line winds.  My opinion is that our grid is overused and under maintained like much of the rest of the US and we will see more of the outages take longer to fix.  Having the Water treatment plant fail in Twin Falls really has me concerned because while I have warned folks to prepare for that happening.  I did not think it could happen so quickly and in just an average storm.

Not to minimize some of the storms and damages we have seen here in the USA some have been quite severe. I think that God is sending a message of  “Hey  Stupid! wake up and be ready to take care of yourself and others.”  We have seen just how ineffective the DHS and FEMA have been in these emergencies at best and create a bureaucratic nightmare at worse!  Don’t Panic! and keep doing whatever you can afford to do because even an additional day or week worth of the basics could make the difference!

On a happier note Walgreen’s is having a sale on it’s “Nice” brand coffee $4.99 for 33.9 oz can!  The sale starts on June 10th and while I have yet to try the coffee most of the “Nice” branded stuff is good quality.  I plan to pick up a few cans and even if I don’t like as well as my regular coffee it will make a great barter item!

How to Freeze Dry Food 

Found this the other day and it looked like something to try out. Many stores in my area carry dry ice, and I have several coolers already on hand to try this method out.  Cash and Carry are always having sales on frozen fruits and veggies and now that I’m set for water on hand this could be just the ticket for getting my fruits and veggies in the pantry filled up.  This would be a great method for folks with limited storage space for food or need  light weight food for BOB’s and the BOV.  I think it could also save a lot of money by making your own freeze dried food compared to buying it.

Got the Dark ale and lager bubbling away and doing both batches this way seems to work out since the Ale is ready to bottle faster than the lager I don’t get overwhelmed and have a bit of a break between bottling.  Later this month I hope to get started on the all-grain brewing and learn how to do that and get a few supplies stored for brewing the Pantry.

Get your inventories done and get your yard sale wish list going!  Remember to add the max. price you can pay and stay within your budget.  A lot of money and financial folks are agreeing with me on the 3-4 month idea. But that’s not that bad we have the summer months and harvest that are in that time frame. Which I much prefer compared to having it happen in winter!  Stay positive and upbeat and don’t let the news get you down. The roses still bloom and critters are getting born. Life goes on!


3 Responses to Odds and ends weekend

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    You are right about the grid. Remember the California “rolling blackouts”? Had the same thing here two summers ago (Texas grid is independent of the national grids) and they say we’ll have them again by next year if more improvements are not made. Had a “boil advisory” a couple years ago from our water system. Water mains constantly rupture around here. All our “modern conveniences” are fragile as hell…

  2. Jamie says:

    Craig, you are right and this kind of news seldom get national coverage. When I was following up on the Twin Falls story I was shocked on how many hits i got for similar things happening all around the country.
    It seems the EPA and enviro wackos have settled on plans to crush Appalachia because they don’t like coal, TX,OK, and LA because don’t like oil or energy production and the Western States it’s water. It looks like another “Sagebrush Rebellion” is growing here in the west.
    I wish these idiot’s would realize without the food and energy production of “flyover country” the cities go dark, no water and no food. Then again I’m constantly amazed by these folks refusal to recognize simple cause and effect.

  3. riverrider says:

    j, some of these yoyos believe the way to save the planet is to kill off the population. while true, they don’t seem to realize THEY are part of the population to be killed off…rolling blackouts are just beginning. with the new smartmeters, they can and do cut power from rural(less profitable) grids to supply more power(more money) to cities during surges such as heatwaves. that leaves the elderly in a sad state. of course they leave the option to pay premium rates to switch it back on.(which saves the environment how?) even if theres no grid down situation rural people will soon need backup generation just to get thru the summer. then the yoyos will try to ban that, as its much more toxic to the environment than a modern coal fired powerplant.

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