You bet your life!

I feel odd, not burned out but as if I’m in Limbo waiting for the crash to happen. Something like my Army FTX (Field Training eXcercize) after I’ve dug my foxhole, squared away my gear and I’m waiting for the attack or for one of the idiots from Brigade to say we just got gassed and we get to sit in MOPP gear for the next 6-12 hours. Some Lousy training scenarios from signal officers that equate being miserable as good training. The officers get to check the little box and the soldiers are miserable, tired, smelly and annoyed and then go do their MOS jobs and the General get’s his Internet and Sat. TV and his aides and gophers set up the Laptops and update the Power point presentation. I send out my guys to camouflage Porta-potties as we can’t dig real latrines because of the environmental wackos and hang up garbage bags for recycling!  I know it’s BS, heck the officers knew it was BS but we have to check the block and play the game!

I feel the same way watching the MSM, Banksters and politicians playing the same game except the hope the the people are to dumb to realize it all BS. It’s like a poker game of No limit but they can always get more chips from the “house” for free but I have to sign over my future and my children/grand children’s future to match the bet.  Just taking all my chips is not enough, and the rules change during the game so that the guy that has the “Big Stack” at the table can sucker a few more to try and get some chips. Who would play a game of poker like that unless they already hocked everything including their families future unless they felt they had no choice?

That’s why prepare so I never have to play the game again. I’m very tired of the game!

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  1. riverrider says:

    j, heck in one place we couldn’t even dig a hole, we had to “simulate” a fighting position,LOL. how do we do that when we can’t even cut camo because of the frickin special woodpeckers? ….ahh, i have died many a death by powerpoint. how did they ever make a decision without it? that, and one too many “mandatory online classes” made up my mind to go ahead and take the retirement deal. get off the bus, so to speak. who has ever learned anything from those stupid classes. i couldn’t get my job done but the boss gets to report 100% to some idiot up above him. online suicide prevention, REALLY? check in the the box….anyway, i feel you on that lull before the storm sensation. i still need to get alot done, but i’m feeling like if i stick my head up something might happen. gotta make a sam’s club run today , maybe that’ll get me out of this funk. take care jamie.

  2. Jamie says:

    river, yep did that too, and the asinine SAFETY BRIEFING every damn holiday weekend we actually got to take off.
    Well anyway I got 4 more t-shirt, 2 cans of coffee and 5 pack of bic lighters

    • riverrider says:

      j, i’m so stupid, i threw away countless brown and tan t-shirts when i got out. only saved a handful for cleaning rags. dummy! went on amazon looking for lighters, cheap but shipping was high. i’ll relook today. this was the month i was supposed to replenish my account after last months splurge. maybe next month, if i still get a check.

      • Jamie says:

        river, It looks like you can get 10 lighters for $10.00 at Walgreen’s daily. You might see another sale the week of the 4th of July when I got 10 Bics for $6.00 on Memorial day weekend.
        Oh and I kept most of my T-shirts from the Army especially the Long sleeved ones. It’s amazing how much warmer you are in winter by wearing a long sleeve T-shirt compared to a regular sleeve.

      • riverrider says:

        roger that. i went back to and found 50 of the smaller bics with 5.00 shipping. i don’t think beggers will be choosy. i did go brand name bics though. seems the knock offs were pretty bad by the reviews. i was trying to save money from my check this month instead of spending it all, and more, on preps. things look too dicey to checkup now though.

      • Jamie says:

        river I got some chepo lighters at Family Dollar 12 lighters for $3.00 I think it was and I went back to Bic Lighter for the quality. You don’t want your lighter crapping out on you just when you need it! I have found the Bic sparker still works great even if you run out of fluid . The flint and wheel on the cheap lighter often fail when full of fluid.

  3. Matt says:

    I made a Sam’s club run this weekend. I’ll need to make another soon. I hate crowds so bad that it’s hard for me to go out anymore, seriously.

    I think I was even being followed by management, as I think he may have realized I was carrying, by the bulge in my front pocket. He must have had a good eye as it was barely noticeably only if you knew to look for it. Finally I just stopped by where he was standing painfully looking like he was trying to fold some clothes….. and just watched him for awhile…. heh. Some dude then wondered over and blew his cover, so the game was officially over.

    I’ve been steadily building my stash up over the last several weeks in many areas, and I never feel like I’m ready enough, but I’ll take the time they give us while they keep rearranging chairs.

    Jamie, I finally got into the silver thing. I made an online purchase last week. I hated spending so much on it but I’d rather have it than not. Of course the price dropped a dollar an ounce the very next day, but this is a long term issue for me. I got in below $30 an ounce in any case, so I’m good.

    Also, several weeks ago, I posted my story on how I scored so many (52) pre 64 silver half dollars for face value.

  4. Fox says:

    You couldn’t be more right… we can all see it coming! I don’t understand why others can’t too!

  5. Jamie says:

    Matt: Nice score on the junk silver! I thought I did good picking up 2 Liberty 1/2 dollars for $11.00 each. I think the PTB’s will try to keep Gold below $1600 and Silver below $30-$32.00 till the end of the month. I’m not sure they can do it.

    Fox: It seems pretty blatant but most folks still listen the MSM and don’t know how badly they are being lied too.

  6. Jamie says:

    Fox to add to what I have said before is split between “Normalcy bias” as well as the 5 stages of greif/loss. The Jews in Europe overall and particular in 1930’s Germany were not dumb. But they just could not believe it could happen to them. They obeyed all the laws and probaly had relatives that fought side by side with Hitler in the trenches during WWI.

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