Somtimes the most important thing to get done, is nothing at all!

I just could not get any work done around the house this last week.  I  got lazy after getting the ale bottled and rearranging the living room. I could not seem to get going again or even start doing anything physical. I ‘m not talking about any heavy lifting, even watering my indoor plants seemed impossible to get done. I finally broke out of the feeling yesterday and gave the main bathroom a good cleaning, after the mirrors were done I got started on the windows and some dusting.  Good news is it carried over after getting the Kitchen cleaned up and the dishes done.  I got the backyard mowed, after cleaning some bad gas out of the “fuel bowl” I’d guess you call it. The yard and garden are getting some much needed water.

So how did I break out of this funk? I played some video games.  Actually it’s more accurate to say overdosed on a simple game called “Toy Defense”. It’s kind of silly like Plants vs. Zombies casual game but it got me out of thinking about stuff I had to doing as a chore and got me back into wanting to get stuff done because I wanted to get it done as a goal completed! Now the hard part is for me to keep from over doing it and knock myself down physically so I’ll stop with the yard work, just finish watering the garden.  The work will be there tomorrow unless the world blows up, either way it will cease to be a problem to overcome.

I did get a lot of mental work done while I was being physically lazy. The LDS has an updated “prepper’s manual” and it is awesome!  It’s a free download and 509 pages long.  It has several folks contribute from the survival and preparedness community and is much more comprehensive than the old LDS manual.  I’m not a Mormon but these folks know preparing plus they are willing to share for free.

Instead of getting the wood the couple of checks will be finishing up junk silver. I’m getting some Liberty 1/2 dollars and some Mercury dimes.  No particular reason I just happen to like those coins.  Who knows what will happen to the spot price of PM’s when everyone sees the election results in the EU (France goes socialist in the parliament and Greeks split the vote again). So I’ll order at just under  $29.00 per oz.  This is just my hunch that gold and silver will go up next week.  Most of the pro’s I respect see the average of $1630 for gold $29.00 for Silver holding with increased volatility. I keep thinking the worst case scenario is not that Greece leaves the Euro but Germany and the northern core  of Nordic/Scandinavian countries decide to leave. This leaves me a little “cash poor” for a couple of weeks, but I hope I guess right and if not I still have some cool looking coins with intrinsic value.

In a bit of good news my neighbor” L” got a part time job at an organic nursery and gets free starter plants that don’t sell.  Guess who is getting several starters of greens for free that I will put in buckets as my garden bed have reached capacity?  So I’ll have plenty of veggies to start in my bucket plantings that are organic/heirloom quality.  Now I have 2 neighbors that work at nurseries. If you are going to do raised beds for get that plastic ground cloth or newspapers the best weed barrier is flattened cardboard boxes.

Happy Fathers Day to all you real men that stick around and teach the hard lessons by letting your kids watch you do the right thing not because it easy but it’s simply the right thing to do everyday.




2 Responses to Somtimes the most important thing to get done, is nothing at all!

  1. riverrider says:

    j, glad you’re back on track. i was getting a little worried about you. my pm buy this week will be barbed wire. i’m watching silver fall as we speak. i may order some more if it gets low enough. the markets are overjoyed about the greece election. short lived i think it will be. take care, don’t over do it now.

  2. Jamie says:

    river, I did overdo it, but I’ll be bouncing back. The neighbor mowed the front lawn last night so all I have left to do is some watering and weed the garden.

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