Yardsale shopping list

Mom and I are planning a yard sale outing for the end of the month so I thought I’d share some of the items I will be looking for as well as my total budget.   I don’t shop for antiques or collectibles so I don’t know values on those kinds of items.  I only buy junk silver based on the silver content of the coin, not the coin’s numismatic value.  I’m learning about the rarer coins but I’m still new to junk silver so better to pay based on silver content and when I get home I can check values via the internet.

Know the retail price of the items you are looking for and don’t pay more than 1/2 of that price. For example canning jars are about a dollar each retail, so 50 cents or less per jar is an okay deal.  Figure up your total budget for your yard sale shopping and carry lots of $1’s, 5 and 10 dollar bills rather than a checkbook depending on your budget.  Now it should be easy to make out your list for the next 2-3 months of yard sales.  I find most of the best shopping is in upper middle class neighborhoods on average.  I believe they tend to overbuy on credit and then have to generate cash to pay off debt.  But you don’t have to pass up a sale at either end of the market as you can often be surprised what folks will sell.

Don’t be afraid to bargain and walkaway from anything offered if it is out of your price range. I’m not talking about trying to take advantage of someone but if you feel something is a little high make an offer and if they say no, so be it. I’m positive you have been told “no”  before and will again you don’t have to get upset, because you will walk away with either your cash or the item.  If you are not good at it take someone who is good at bargaining.  For me that’s my Mom, I tend to be better at keeping prices in my head and doing research on the value of stuff.

My list of item to look for  is:

  1. Hand powered tools of any sort from drills to can openers
  2. Cast iron pots and pans in good shape
  3. A heavy duty grinder;  meat and/or grain
  4. Books and board games
  5. Junk silver coins based on spot price not numismatic value
  6. Compact fishing pole, reloading equipment and Kerosene lamps
  7. Canning supplies
  8. Fuel cans of all sorts
  9. Wood and/ or propane stoves,  fans
  10. Seasonal clothing

Now this might seem like a long list but everything must meet my price range of less than half of the retail price. Plus I’m looking at some of these as barter items that will be easy to trade.  Get your needs covered first on your shopping list then go for backups and barter items.  If  your budget is $20.00 go have have fun shopping around with it and see how much you get done for that amount.  At the very worse you will drive around a bit, walk a bit and get a few items you need at a good price.  This kind of shopping can take weeks to get done so don’t buy up all you need right away unless you get a great deal and stick to your budget!

4 Responses to Yardsale shopping list

  1. Karen says:

    One of the best things about summer-yard sales- the crappy thing is, we just found out my husband needs to have foot surgery, which is going to use up all our available extra cash. Oh well, praying we have a little more time to prep!

  2. Jamie says:

    Karen, I’m sorry to hear about the Hubby and I’ll add my prayers. Sometimes it goes that way but having him healthy is a top priority for prepping. Better to get fixed up now than trying in a SHTF enviroment.

  3. I never seem to have any cash saved by the time Fris,Sat,Sun roll around. We’re still playing catch up after two emergency surgeries for me last year. I’m going to start hiding ten dollars a week, and promosing myself to go hit a yard sale or two on Sunday mornings. I work the other two days, but maybe I can find some hidden treasures.

  4. Jamie says:

    ER, it’s hard as heck to stash money away and not find a reason to spend it. You know how they tell folks to freeze a credit card so they don’t use it for BS buys. You can do the same with cash.
    I’m still working on saving cash. I’m getting better but still need some work. Start with change, all coins go into the “Coin jar”. If you to a cash basis I think you might be surprised on how many coins you collect via change. Or all one dollar bills go into the jar daily. Even stashing change or a dollar bill at a time I think you may find the results darn amazing. It’s not hitting the lottery but at the end of every month of collecting change and a few extra dollars I bet you can collect $20.00-$50.00 overall.

    Make your budget fit your shopping. Add an extra $20.00 per month for the summer months for yard sales. If your clothing and entertainment budget is $50.00 or less that is what you spend no matter if you get a great deal at a yard sale or Wal-Mart. Your budget is your budget and should be set in stone. Trust me it’s not forever when stuff goes on sale it will come back around on sale.

    One thing that has really helped me is buying a little silver by the oz. Then ask myself would I go to the local coin or pawn shop to get cash for that 1oz. coin. If I won’t sell my silver to buy it, perhaps I should not waste my cash to buy it. It’s a little mental game that I play with myself but it does help me to save cash.
    That extra step of turning silver back into cash seems to make all the difference to me. If your savings account is keeping pace with inflation I’d love to hear about it.

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