Stuff done today and plans for next week

I didn’t need to get much this week but been checking prices and seems coffee, butter and bacon are starting to come back down in price. Since I’m buying silver this check I’m skipping most of the grocery shopping as only one or two items “blew my skirt up”.  Cash & Carry has a two week sale and the items I want I’ll get those next week.

  1. 40 pound bag of mesquite charcoal $11.40 (2 bags)
  2. 50 pounds of rice $16.65
  3. 50 pounds of flour $13.95

Albertson’s has a good buy on it’s bacon that I like so much.  $1.99 per pound but it’s a min. buy of 5 pounds,  I’m thinking about getting some  if I sell a few of my water bottles.  I’m going to Family Dollar and check out some shorts that are 2/$10.00 if they are good quality I’ll pick up a pair.  I know the PTB’s seem to think they have fixed all of the problems in the world or at least fooled most folks for a couple more weeks.  But I want to keep a little cash on hand just in case!

Now that the days are finally staying sunny I can try out the solar oven.  I soaked some 16 bean mix last night and I’m doing a small boneless pork loin to see how it cooks up via solar.  I’ll try my oven baked mac & cheese along with some biscuits if the beans and pork loin work out.  Got your beer ready to go Craig,  it’s a 6 pack of Dark lager I hope you like it. It tends to be one of my favorites.  I’m going to start a batch of wheat beer for some summer time drinking.  Looks like summer finally arrived so I’ll take the hot plate outside to boil the wort and help keep the house cool.

I’ve been rethinking my wood stove goal for this year,  instead I am looking at doing propane because I already have a Mr. Buddy heater, a propane oven/burner combo and for about $100.00 I can buy an instant hot water heater.  I won’t have to install a chimney,  nor does propane give off smoke or smell like wood burning.  All I will need to buy is the tanks and fuel and that would be a lot cheaper option this year.  Plus I’ve become very aware of my energy levels since doing my water test and flipping a switch or turning a valve is a lot easier than packing in wood or starting a fire and I’d still have to heat up water on the wood stove.

Looks like I completely missed my guess on which way Silver prices were going this week.  I hope it keeps going down for awhile as that means I can buy more next week.  Logic is often a way to go wrong with confidence especially in today’s market. I think this is only my second miss so overall I’m doing good. The historic value remains the same so I’ll keep plugging away at it.


8 Responses to Stuff done today and plans for next week

  1. Matt says:

    Hey I bought my silver today. The reason that silver was down today over 1 dollar an ounce is that everyone is running to the U.S. Dollar because of Europe and the bank downgrades that are coming today. I wouldn’t be surprised if silver jumps very soon.

    While we always want to buy when it’s cheap, it’s important to remember that we are getting it for the future, when our normal cash system is useless and we need to barter. Unless you are just buying enormous amounts of it at one time and trying to make an immediate profit, the movement up and down currently shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

    I’m also out to get a small stove this weekend so that I have an alternative to cook with. And I need to lay in more food as well.

  2. Jamie says:

    Matt, you are correct I figured PM’s would go up as a safe haven because of the EU games. Didn’t count on the huge Margin calls from 17 big international banks getting down graded by Moody’s. I do dollar cost averaging each month and then try to pick the best day or two of the month to buy, sometimes you guess wrong and it’s only about $7.00 for my total order this month.

  3. riverrider says:

    j, i couldn’t resist 26.00 an ounce, call me a sucker, but i also invested in my other pm, barbed wire:) cavuto says this is it, downhill from here. the guy over at accept the challenge blog (former banker and current silver trader/firearms instructor) says about the same. like a rock rolling downhill, it’ll pick up speed and collect other rocks. oil falling too, just as predicted. i’m looking at my last minute list now. sit down, buckle up, hold on, here she comes.

  4. Jamie says:

    Looks like few folks are calling for a big dip in PM prices. Both bulls and bears think we may see a major dip in both gold and silver as low as $1400 in gold and a low $20.00-$24.00 range for silver. This next week so keep your powder dry and be ready to take advantage of sale prices.

    • riverrider says:

      good to know, about out of money for silver thanks to the other pm, wire. might squeeze out a few pence tho at that price.

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