Solar Oven AAR (After Action Review)

The boneless pork cooked up great even with having a bit of the core frozen. It was a bit dry but I did not brine it and only added a bit of flavored oil to the pan. I think it took on the spices I added quite well.  I was shocked the beans were not cooked while the loin was done. The “Cloud Gods” seem to be fascinated by my solar oven and always want to come take a good look at it.

About a 7 hour cooking time and a few cloudy periods with the oven. Beans were cooking but not quite done overall. Broth flavor was quite good but it looks like I need to add some time cooking to the beans and reduce the time for boneless meats.  I have to admit I was quite surprised that the boneless pork was done yet the beans were not done.  I’ll try some basic oven type items of 300 degrees and see what works best for the solar oven.  I got the cheap version of a pre-fab solar oven.

I can say that rice meats and veggies will cook up with good sunlight. so this gives another cooking system. The oven keeps all the smells contained. So it should be a good choice if you want to hide the smell of cooking food.

UPDATE: I set the solar oven out today and just watched the temp gauge and it was between 275-300 degrees.  I didn’t fuss with turning it to face the sun directly, so without clouds it can get the cooking job done!

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