Colorado fires and bugout

I know we often have  conversations about folks in “Denial”.  It seems so logical to have a few supplies for any kind of disaster no matter how it manifests.  Ask the folks in Colorado how important a Bugout plan is now that the fires are raging out of control.  There is a guy named Dave that is on APN and is ready to bugout because of the fires if the order comes down. He had 3 routes out and 1 has been cut because of the fire but 2 are still good. The vehicle is already packed, gassed up  ready to go if he needs to scoot!  While the situation sucks it seems to me he is very grateful that he was already prepared and can deal with this quickly and without panic.

Michelle Malkin had to leave quickly and left behind 2 pet birds. Now she seems like a very smart lady and since she is a best selling author I assume she has a few dollars to prepare. Yet even she was caught unprepared and these poor little birds may die because no one will give them water or food while she is gone.  I’m not trying to pick on her it just shows that even smart people with a few bucks can get caught out because of denial!

I try to use these disaster to think of what would I do if I was there and it is happening to me. How long would it take me to GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge) with 12-24 hours warning?  What would I need to pack in the RV what roads could I take out?  I used up my cash and payday is 4 days away so how do I fill the propane & gas tank?  Do I have food, clothing, blankets  and water to last up to 2 weeks or more? Are all of my important papers ready to grab and go, do I have copies? Medical supplies and any records needed to get prescription drugs if needed. Do I have pet food, collars, leashes and crates for the pets so they are safe and have their preps on hand.  Alternate communications to let folks know I’m safe and where I’m at as well as the spot where I’m going to settle down until the disaster is over.

Lets say you do all of these thing and your home is not destroyed but has the power cut or is looted.  Did you put the food in the freezer in ziplock bags with a couple or ice cubes in case the power went out but your food froze again, or worse the power is still out and you have to clean the fridge and freezer of rotted food. Trust me bagging all your food in plastic bags will save you ton of heart ache as well as your sense of smell if you bag your food before a potential power outage while you are away from home.  Do you have pictures recorded of all your stuff before the disaster you can submit to your insurance company?  Do you have some basic  “business attire/uniform” for your job?  Showing up in dirty jeans, t-shirt, sneakers or sweats after a disaster probably won’t impress the boss.  At least have “Business Casual” clothing clean and ready to wear.  While they may understand why,  being ready will impress they heck out of them and give you some “gold star points”. If the business is destroyed you will have good clothes to wear for a job interview.  You resume is updated right?….

Take care of yourself first and you will be able to help others. Unless you do for you first you can help no one. Yes that does kind of selfish at first but giving away all your water and food will just get you dead. I believe God asks us to be generous not stupid.

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