Sales at Sportsman’s Guide and silver quarters

I went looking at sportmans as I get the flyers and email updates and they have some great buys on on the Camp Chef propane oven combo for under $200.00. A new Camp Chef product is just the oven with no burners on top for $152.00.  If you already have a little camp stove with burners this might be a good option for backup cooking/camping.

They are coming out with those power packs for jumping cars that you can charge with a solar panel. They usually have a small inverter (400-600 watts) a light, radio and some times an air compressor. I have a small power pack that I have used to keep my router or a small 12 V DC  fan going during power outages, but I have to charge it via 120 V AC.  Being able to charge one of these with solar panels would be great to have on hand.  They have  one I’m looking to get next month for $80.00, I think this would be a great little gadget for charging the Laptop, phone or  run a small fan.

The Big Mr. Heater is on sale for $116.oo and though I have the mid size Mr.Heater, I’d like to have the big one as it has a fan for circulating the heat that runs on batteries or AC power. I was impressed on how well the Mid-size heater did on heating my home during the test I did this last winter and having 2 would give me a backup.  I already have the Adapter hose for using a big tank but my local grocery store Paul’s has the little tanks on sale for $2.98 each and I can refill or use the big tank for the oven or the heaters.  This is a good time to looking for camping stuff on sale and SportsmanGuide has great service.

The only thing left on the “wish list” will be the propane water heater.

Apmex has a sale on a roll of quarters 90% silver which split the difference on cost between dimes and the 1/2 dollars. So I’ll be getting a roll. That should give me plenty of change for barter for at least a little while and then I’ll get back to buying 100% silver.

UPDATE: The Big Stove was just marked down at Sportsmans guide to $170.00 

Coupon Code SG2254:      Offer good on merchandise orders of $125 or more (minimum order cannot include Buyer’s Club Membership fees). Cannot be combined with any other special offers or coupons and cannot be redeemed for cash. Offer expires at 11:59 P.M. CDT on Sunday, July 1, 2012. $10 Gift Card will be mailed separately within 7 to 14 days and will expire on Wednesday, August 15, 2012.


11 Responses to Sales at Sportsman’s Guide and silver quarters

  1. Matt says:

    is there an item number or sku number to look that up directly. I don’t use this site and haven’t purchased any thing here before.

  2. Jamie says:

    Matt here’s the link

    and the product description
    $10 Proof Quarters – 90% Silver 40-Coin Roll (Impaired)

  3. riverrider says:

    j, i saw that oven and almost went for it, but then i remembered i can cook anything in my dutch oven with wood, free and sustainable.

  4. Jamie says:

    river, that’s great. I swear those Dutch ovens are the greatest cooking tool besides a good knife. I don’t have access to free wood and my disease limits my personal energy even if I did. I think a little propane oven is a good compromise and it gives you a great start on an outdoor kitchen or tailgating set up. You know how I love multi-taskers.

  5. RegT says:

    Sportsman’s Guide has great prices – until you click on the shipping estimate. For a $16 item weighing less than one pound they were going to charge me $16 shipping and handling. (To Montana, not Alaska.)

    When their shipping prices started going through the roof, I stopped shopping there.

  6. Jamie says:

    RegT, I can’t say that I’ve had that problem, but I usually get an email for sales and mark downs on shipping. Also I check and compare total price. You are correct some companies make up the low price via higher shipping costs.

  7. Ok, 12v fans. If you can or have someone near you that can solder, Go to the local ‘yard’ and have someone get you a couple of radiator fans out of some Toyo’s or Hondas. 12v fans. You can solder a Potentiometer in line (positive side) to a pair of clips that will go to a battery or even one of the those cigarette lighter plugs. Will cost you about the same as one of those cheepy 12 v fans and moves about 6 times the amount of air excellent for windows. With the potentiometer in place you can regulate the speed down to conversational level and still move quite a bit of air.

    Get creative

  8. Jamie says:

    Thanks for the heads up dio.

  9. riverrider says:

    j, full grid-down situation here in the east. preps working as planned except couldn’t find the coffee pot this morning in time for the wife’s pre-work java. she’ll be in a bad mood all day 🙂 they’re saying a week or more to restore power. i don’t think i’ll need a thing from outside. well, maybe beer, no wait, i stocked up on cans just in case. love it when a plan comes together 😉 take care.

  10. Jamie says:

    river AHHHHHG! not the coffee pot!!!!!! A “French Press” coffee maker is great for power outages. I have a small one along side a Big camp size Percolator.
    Keep us updated on how you are doing if you can, river. This storm caught me by surprised and I usually keep a good watch on the national weather. No I’m not effected. just a hot summer day in Idaho.

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