Lessons learned?…..

Thank goodness June is over with!  It certainly was interesting, from starting off with a windstorm in Idaho and Intermountain west to the finish of a massive windstorm in the East.  After the last 3 years we have had in the USA between hurricanes, Tornado swarms, Snomeggeddon and snowpocolypse, flooding of the upper Mississippi, Firestorms and other little events I find myself stunned that folks still don’t have the basics.

I did my test of my 250 watt power pak and it won’t run a regular fan for very long, an hour if fully charged and I have to recharge it via regular electricity.  I’ll just use it for keeping my wi-fi-network and cable modem going and recharge if I run the generator.  My next purchase is getting that bigger power pak I can recharge via solar panels. They have a  400-600 watt inverter built in which will run gadgets, or a TV/VCR for a little while and for under $100.00 not to bad a deal.  Plus I can always use it to jump car batteries.  : )  The great thing about these is they are quiet and emit no fumes like a gas generator and a lot more portable compared to a generator.  If you are in an Apartment or doing the Urban Survivalist thing these little power paks might be just the ticket and I bet they are still in stock unlike gas generators.  Remember without gas, oil and regular maintenance , a generator is just a big paperweight.

I did pick up a little gadget that will let me recharge my phone in the car. I dropped the ball on that idea even though I have generators and other gadgets that will let me charge a cell phone if I’m caught away from home I needed some thing for the car. Communications still feels like a weak link for me and I really like to have a shortwave setup but it’s just not in the budget this year.  I do have a handheld VHF, CB radio and a nice CB in the RV but the range is limited. Mom is giving me her old shortwave receiver since she went nuts shopping at Sportsmansguide.com.  She got a TENS device that may help with her Fybro pressure points and a new shortwave receiver.

I’m sorry for all the folks that have got caught out in the month of June and you are in my prayers. I’ve done Bugout and storm mental rehearsals as well as stocking up in case some thing like what you are going through happens to me. Please know I take what you learn and apply it to myself as well as post it.  As the old saying goes ” A smart person learns from his mistakes.  A wise person learns from the mistakes of others.”

Please feel free to comment on what went right and what went wrong and all the fun little surprises you have gone through.  I know I learn a lot from what folks take the time to post or comment.



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  1. riverrider says:

    hi jamie, live from the “derecho” area, LOL. never heard of one til it whipped my butt…..we are doing fine other than the heat. i didn’t plan on 105 degrees INSIDE. frig doesn’t get as cool as usual even running the genny all day. i feel sorry for the genny….wife had to work(hospital), on b/u power. she said coming home was a bit scary as the sheeple were all out on the street and getting antsy. i would feel sorry for them but then i see them trying to talk on their latest iphone, complain about not having power for their 100 inch tv and full cable package, fancy nails and etc etc. shoulda used just a little of that cash to prep folks….i have a fuel storage tank, full out back, but must admit that i let my vehicles get low waiting for another price drop. we went for a ride sundayevening looking for fuel etc, mostly to cool off in the truck a/c. found gas about 30 miles away, ice was about 60 miles away. didn’t really need any, but loaded a big cooler knowing the nieghbors didn’t have any, awa extra water for them. felt good to do something nice, awa getting out of the house/heat….they are telling us july 7 to restore power. all their crews are up in dc keeping the sheeple cool. we have vry little damage here, one crew could probly get us back online in a day. if it weren’t for the HEAT, we’d be livin large. i will go looking for a tiny ac for next time. one thing of prep note: commo was okay but w/out the boobtube running we got absolutely no news from the state or feds about the situation. on the radio, all music, zero news. i finally found a website (dept of emergency management) that was helpful. my little solar setup has been a champ. we’ve run the desktop/3g for hours a day, a fan all night and a few lights and charged the phones etc with little discharge of the battery bank. one epic fail though was my big inverter, 3k watts, took a crap immediately after the event. glad i had a backup(spur of the moment purchase at sam’s), but that 3k hurt the budget and it got used only once before crashing, grrrr. i’ll quit for now, this got long in a hurry. i’m planning on a post event post over on tsb. you have been spot-on in advising a dryrun test of your preps, we learned so much about our own this time. take care.out.

  2. Jamie says:

    river thanks for the update. You stay safe

  3. Jamie says:

    FEMA really sucks for updating if DC is out. I noticed it was over 7 days before DHS updated after the blizzard in 2011 hit DC. I haven’t seen many updates via the internet from DHS for the fires or the “Deracho” storm.
    Twitter seemed to be good commo for the fires in CO. But I’m not seeing much out of DC for this windstorm besides politicians posturing. It’s almost like there is a news black out! I’m reading the same story from the 1st of July on news sites with only a few tweaks to the story. Usually this kind of disaster would be big news! The reporting on this disaster feels odd to me, like the news folks are holding back and perhaps suppressing the story.

    river, please feel free to comment as long as you want! I don’t edit comments besides if you are Spam or a troll trying to rile folks up for no purpose or incredibly vulgar. Colorful metaphors are okay. Vulgar streams of verbal abuse not so much. I was in the Army so I think I know all the words so I don’t need to be educated that way.

  4. riverrider says:

    jamie, i was thinking the same thing about the “news”. looking at the state em site we should get power back any minute, but going to power co. site it looks much worse, like maybe next week. i know i haven’t seen one crew in my area yet. normally i’m pretty understanding about these things but it looks like they just said the heck w/ us out here. stay chilly. out here.

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