Planning ahead as a prepper

First off I want to thank riverrider for all the info and updates of him going through the 10 days without power to how he and his family handled the heat.  Darn good test of his preps and while he may feel he cheated a bit going for a drive or grabbing a snack,  he had gas for it and was ready if he needed to go scrounging for stuff to barter and trade or for getting to a market to sell his barter goods so I think it was a realistic test!

If you are like me you have watched the wild fires and this storm and not only thought about what you would do but have looked at what you actually done to survive and or make it an easier transition going without electricity or going to the store.  I, myself need to get some extra oil for the generators and run a good test under load to see how they will do supporting the household appliances.

I’m sure some folks that read this blog are what is called the procrastinating prepper.  You hit the websites and you got a pretty good idea of what you and your family needs to have on hand but you just haven’t gotten around to getting most of the stuff yet.  Life always comes up with things that eat the money you plan on spending on preparing.  Heck, you feel pretty darn good just keeping the gas tank filled when it gets down to 1/2 a tank.

Did you hear anything on the DHS or FEMA going to help folks 10 days without power during a heat wave. Just like the winter storm FEMA did not update it’s website for several days. I heard a few politicians posturing but did they call out the Nat. Guard to help clear roads?  Some of the city officials did open up offices and cooling stations but at a state and federal level nothing much happened. You and your neighbors are on your own for at least 2-3 weeks the government ain’t coming to help for at least that long. That’s 20 gallons of water, 5 pounds of rice and 5 pounds of beans plus oatmeal, grits and or 5 pounds of pancake mix for breakfast per person. That will give you 3 meals a day for 3 weeks. Even buying bottled water that’s less than $40.00 to be ready for 3 weeks per person.  I don’t know your family but that seems  pretty cheap to ensure you and your family eats and drinks safe water!

Things in the economy don’t look like they are going to get better for awhile cost and job wise.  With the drought and heat the corn crop is looking a little iffy right now which may mean higher meat prices later this year. August means kids going back to school and they will need clothes, classroom supplies and maybe stuff for band or athletics that will cost money.  So July is a good time to get a little food, water  and other basics bought cause you won’t have cash for it later this year.  September and October are good stocking up months as well but by November you are paying for heat and or the holiday season and you really won’t have any extra money to spend.


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  1. Ragnar says:

    I am not trying to be critical, but your calculations are in error. A person needs about a half gallon of water a day for drinking in normal circumstances. In the type of heat wave that we had, that can rise to about a gallon. If you are looking at 2-3 weeks, you are almost out of water already. All the foods that you mentioned rice, beans, pancake mix, require water. Although I don’t have precise numbers, 5 lbs of rice would take about 3-3.5 gallons of water to cook, beans generally require more. You may make 2 weeks but not 3. And there has been no provision for water for sanitation.

    If the power goes out and it looks like a widespread outage (one they won’t be able to fix quickly) fill whatever you can with water; tub, sink, pots and pans before the pressure drops.

  2. Jamie says:

    Ragnar, My idea is this is a very minimalistic start. I myself did a 5 day water test using only stored water and I’d say even in the best circumstances you will need a min. of 3-5 gallons per person per day to keep clean, Laundry and you house going. You may be able to go 3 days with using only a gallon per day but you really need more if you start talking about weeks of no water!

    People just don’t think bad things will happen to them or someone will come to save them and it just isn’t true most of the time! They always try to stock up at the last minute and are peeved when the stores run out of stuff.

    I have water barrels stored for drinking water as well as rain barrels to collect non drinking water I am working on having 250 gallons to drink as well as at least 200 gallons in my rain barrels. That’s just for me!
    Take a look at those post
    I try to cover everything without scaring the crap out of people! See if I may have missed anything.

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