Summer sausage for survival

Okay I’ll state right off I’m not one of those preppers that is all organic or even whole wheat. I like white bread and I like using white flour to bake and cook.  I like some junk food and I store it and use it as I go.  Okay I don’t drink as much soda as some, a 2 liter will last me 2-3 weeks and I’m more into crackers rather than potato chips. But if you like something store it and use it. Heck I buy those little fun size candy bars. A package of 8 for dollar and I dump them into a candy bucket. Now I don’t eat much sweets but a couple of those little candy bars every couple of weeks or a month can satisfy my sweet tooth and be  ready for every halloween as well as a barter item.

Anyway back to the summer sausage I got out of storage a 24 oz. summer sausage I had stored and I know it was at least 6 months past it best use by date. Probaly up to 12 months but I did not check the date before using it I just test with the old sniffer and ate some and no casualties to report.  What I love about the summer sausage is they usually go on sale in the fall and after the first of the year. It’s also already to store in a cool dark spot and costs only about $3.00-$6.00 per pound. That might sound a little high but all the work is already done so it saves you hours and energy costs processing the meat yourself.

Summer sausage taste great hot or cold and I love making up a tray full of dips, crackers, cheese and add in a few veggies and you can grab a quick snack, make a little sandwich that covers all the basic food groups and in the summer heat you will want to eat lite and these little trays are great for that inner snacker!

I’m looking for a french loaf pan to make those nice looking french bread loves but until I do I’ll settle on doing “Itialian loaves” or 5 minute artisan bread.  I love getting some dry salami, leaf lettuce , fresh tomatoes and provolone cheese and making my own Sandwich loaf.

Slice the bread loaf in half lengthwise and cut/scoop out just enough bread for your fixings to be cradled by the bread. Make croutons from the bread you scoop/cut out!

Spread some of your favorite Italian dressing or an nice vinaigrette on the bread then add meats, veggies and cheese that you like. A pinch of  Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper then put all back together and wrap in saran/plastic wrap and refrigerate 4-24 hours. Slice as needed for sandwiches.  Go crazy with what you like from sprouts to olives.  The sandwich get’s better after it sits for a while and all the flavors start to meld together. I’m not sure how long one of these sandwich loaves will last as they have never made it past 48 hours me alone or when my niece and her 2 boys lived 24 hours tops.  Also a great summer meal as there is no cooking so you don’t heat the house!


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