Feeling nervous again/still….

I’m not feeling all warm and fuzzy about this year’s harvest.  The USDA just declared a disaster 26 states because of  drought and they are never ahead of the power curve but always playing catch up.  I have quite a few folks on my blogroll that had a terrible time of it last year just getting feed for the critters.  Driving 500-1000 miles just get some hay if they could afford the gas or putting down animals early to prevent any suffering.

Idaho is having a problem with a new disease that is making out taters unattractive but not affecting the taste or food quality. But this state sells most taters for french fries, hash browns and potato chips and most folks won’t pay or eat potatoes with black or brown spots on them.  Still a small problem but it does have folks concerned.  The heat is lasting a bit longer than is good for our wheat crop so we may see a fall off in production.  I ‘ve not heard of any problems with the fruit orchards and I know my own little apple tree looks to be doing well and my walnut tree is growing like mad and has nice size nuts already formed.  The grapes are growing like mad and I have plenty of leaves but we still have a while to see how the fruit turns out.

I think it is a good time to lay in a few more long term food supplies. I’m doing good on rice but I feel a need for more flour, beans, sugar, oils/fats and yeast. I’m looking at getting some more whole grains because I think with my little power pak I’ll get next week,  I will be able to grind using power and not muscle energy.

I’ve seen some great buys on meat and I’d like to add some more to the freezer. You don’t often see wild caught salmon for only $2.00 a pound at Albertson’s grocery stores. I found out my local Winco stores honey is actually local honey from here in the valley. While there seems to have been a quality drop in my local Winco’s meat and produce,  they still have good value on bulk goods.  I’m cheap,  but I’d rather go without or pay extra for good quality meats and fresh veggies.

I focused on getting some junk silver this last month. But this month it feels like food should be the focus!  I’m still getting  the little water barrel and power pak.  I’m still going to get the little backup propane water heater next month as well as some tanks.  Perhaps because the food prices have come down quite a bit since earlier and it seems to me the best place to get the most bang for your buck.

I wish I could explain it better or that it’s more than “women’s intuition” but I can’t really say it’s more than a gut feeling like my 4 month gut check.  So far even if I’m wrong it usually works out for getting the best price on stuff as well as getting food stashed away for the long term.

Use logic on what you store but also trust your gut feeling!  You know where you are at for prepping and if you feel something is lacking and it is bothering you I think it’s your brain has put lots of different data together that you are not logically aware of, but your gut knows.

5 Responses to Feeling nervous again/still….

  1. Karen says:

    Prep Pro’s famine post was sobering! Corn prices at Honeyville Grain are still good, so I’ll be ordering soon. We like our tortillas, corn bread and corn fritters! Must get some Kal dolomite powder, too, for soaking the dried kernels.

  2. riverrider says:

    j, prices at emergency essentials are going up on wheat 3 bucks a bucket every couple months and corn is on backorder. if you think you might need more you better get it now. might still be available later, but at what cost?….i feel the need too, but i already have so much stashed it doesn’t pass the logic test to get more now. sometimes you have to go w/ your gut though…..

  3. Jamie says:

    Karen, yep Kellene can be such a ray of sunshine! LOL
    river, I’m in pretty good shape I just like to get my grains and beans equal to my rice stored. While prices are still fairly low!

    • riverrider says:

      j, is that grains+beans =rice, or grains=rice and beans=rice? i like the second ratio and might look at how my pile stacks up. my gut still says stock up, but on what? how much is enough?too much? by the ee calculator we have 5 years for two. throw in just one more mouth and that becomes something like 1.6? math is not my strong suit. for the first time, i’m lost as to what to do about this gut feeling we have. prep money is getting low so i have to be careful how i spend moreso than before as well. as my wife says, “when in doubt, do nothing” hate to say it but it usually works out.

      • Jamie says:

        river, Most food storage calculator have rice as part of the grains section and my number are for 1 year per person. For example your 300 pounds of grains is 150 pounds of wheat and 60 pounds of rice and add smaller amounts of pasta, oats, barley to equal the 300 pounds.
        Beans tend to be a section all it’s own or under the veggies and it’s recommended 60-100 pounds of dry beans, lentils, etc.
        These are the min. amounts and are actually the meals are quite small per day. http://preparednesspro.com/do-you-have-enough/ has pics of what the per day allotment for the LDS calculator equals all cooked up.

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