My storage philosophy on pretty much everything. Focus on grains

A few questions came up on the last post about adding more stored  food because of the drought and getting more before the costs hit the supply chain.  Kellene had a post at on having 7 years of food on hand in case of famine or a long emergency. Greece has had a recession for over 5 years before the complete collapse started within the last 6 months. Heck even here in the USA we can say the recession started at the end of 2007 beginning of 2008 and has been going on for nearly 5 years in spite of what the talking heads saying we are in a recovery!  I’ve read about folks that have prepared but lost a job or had an emergency and have already used up a lot of their preps and are a little scared about how they will replace them in the future.  So having several years worth of long term storage items is certainly a goal to work towards and as long as you buy long term items and store them properly it is an achievable goal.

How I plan my food storage is a combination of total pounds and servings per pound and then meals. For example the second most used stored food is probably rice and beans right after grains. This will make up most of your long therm meals and it is really simple to figure how much you need as you will get 8-10 servings per pound. For 2 meals a day you will need about 75 pounds each of beans and rice. (365 days x 2 meals a day =730 meals then divide by 10= 73 pounds) but I round up to 75 pounds cause it’s nice number and gives me a little room for error.  Of course you won’t want to eat rice and beans every day for a year but you will know you do have food on hand.  Most food storage calculators recommend 60-100 pounds per person per year.

If you are store grains or flour I think about loaves of bread and one, 1 1/2 pound loaf of homemade bread per person per week.  So figure about 75 pounds of your grain will go for making bread. Then you start adding variety such as pancake mix (8 servings per pound),  oatmeal (16 servings per pound),  or grits (16 servings per pound)  for break fast. If you add 15 pounds of each breakfast item you will have about 45 pounds total to add the grain portion of your food storage.  We have only covered a few items but we are starting to build in some variety for breakfast and we can start adding variety to lunch and dinner. This is almost 200 pounds of grains and a very bland diet so I use the last 100 pound to start adding some variety,  easy to make meals and snacks.

Some other foods I store as part of  the Grains bulk goods:

  1. Barley can be used for both breakfast and dinner so having 25 pounds will add variety
  2. Pasta of all types about 4-6 servings per pound dried or make your own pasta by storing semolina flour.
  3.  Dent Corn, corn meal and  Masa harina, More variety and if buy and bulk you can get popcorn and grind it up for corn meal.
  4. Crackers

I did a 2 month test of living almost exclusivly on what I had stored. I had a good bit of meat and frozen veggies stored so my diet had plenty of variety but I really missed having some crackers and stuff for snacks. Once I paid off the big bill that caused me live on preps I went down and bought 12 pounds of popcorn and I buy saltine and Ritz  crackers on sale for snacks on hand.

I’ll do another post focus will be on beans and vegatables for storage and the choices I have made for the long term and why I picked up all kinds of beans and veggies!

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