Dairy , cheese and eggs

Buying powder milk is very easy. Have you or would you drink it?  Do you at least cook with it?  Most powder milk is pretty vile for drinking. But it can be helped out with a little evaporated milk and or a bit of vanilla for taste.  If you got kids it’s worth splurging on milk they will drink  and use on cereal. I really like the UHT milk for cooking and baking.  A bit expensive to buy but I’ve used it 2 years  beyond it’s best used by date and it has been good!  You can also freeze milk or can it if you want to but I can’t see that it will pay you unless you get fresh milk for free.

Now most Americans do eat around 15-30 pounds of cheese per year. But I’m afraid most of the cheese they eat is actually a processed cheese flavored product. Like American cheese slices or powder cheese in mac and cheese box.  I think 15 pounds of good  waxed cheese should be good start for storage. Add another 5 pounds stored shredded cheese in the freezer and most families should be good to go for a start on storage.  If you find a great buy on cheese you can wax it and store it, if it is a hard cheese like cheddar.  Learn to make Queso fresco, or microwave mozzarella and you will start building your yummy, Good fat, full of vitamins little cheese kingdom.

Eggs are a great protein but if you don’t have or can’t have chickens you got to buy store bought eggs.  Buy some mineral oil and always buy extra eggs on sale. Get a glove pour the mineral oil on the glove and then wipe down the eggs and place in the carton small side down. You should get about 6-12 months of storage if you flip the eggs every couple of days when kept below about 65 degrees F.  If you have not used the eggs within 3 months the whites will spread and the yolks will break easily. The taste is fine but making meringues, souffles and custards are straight out. You need Fresh eggs for those kinds of recipes.

I’m in the city so I can’t grow chickens or have goats for fresh eggs and  milk/cream. But just because things are not perfect does not mean there isn’t a work around.

Storing meats is simple if not easy. You can buy it canned, get a some summer sausage, freeze it and preserve it the old fashioned way via salt, smoke or a cure of some type.  Under food in my blogroll I have Deejays smoke pit and you can download his recipes for free to give you some ideas. Your pressure cooker can salvage freezer burnt meat. You can buy up “primals” and learn to cut up your own steaks and roasts.  Or can your own meats and meals. You are only limited by your budget and how much work you are willing to invest!

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