First aid

Get some basic first aid kits and books and read them! Many are free over the internet especially those from the military.  Get to your local dollar stores or Family Dollar and Big lots for cheap OTC drugs and build your stash.  A few Items that I think are must haves…..

  1. Benadryl or any good generic anti-histamine. These are great not only for allergies and colds but as a sleeping pill and for anaphalactic shock reactions in humans and dogs.  Split a a tablet for every 20 pounds of dog.
  2. Aspirin: A blood thinner, anti-inflammatory as well as reducing fever in adults. Can be used to ease pain and swelling from a toothache when held against a tooth or gum line.  Don’t use in children under 12!  Keep 81 mg for blood thinner and heart attack/stroke maintenance and for dogs dosage 81 mg for about every 15-20 pounds of dog
  3. Tylenol/Acetaminophen: Helps with pain and fever in children under 12. Watch dosage and don’t exceed 4000 mg per day in adult as it’s hard on your liver.
  4. Ibuprofen:  Is a NASID but is also a great pain killer without being a blood thinner like aspirin. Works great for menstrual cramps. But tend to be a bit hard on the tummy take with milk or food.
  5. Hot and cold chemical packs and patches are super cheap at the dollar stores as well as muscle creams. While they won’t fix an injury they will be great relief for sore and aching muscles.
  6. Stomach upset treat with Pepto, baking soda. Stay low key and try the least hard core medicine first.
  7. Compression bandages and gauze of all kinds as well as any craft/Popsicle sticks for small breaks for splinting fingers or toes.  Add extra tape.
  8. Buy as much extra meds as your prescription  will allow. Talk to your doctor about a 90 day supply if possible. Most docs can’t give out more than a 30 day supply on some drugs because of regulations.  Check out if some herbals or alternatives exist for your condition. Heck you are in a survival situation and can’t get the meds you need you might as well give some of the backups a shot!
  9. Do not take anti-bacterial, anti viral and other drugs unless under the care of a doctor or you have no other choice.  Support the patient with fluids, rest and treat the symptoms first!  If that doesn’t work then you can try a few items if there is no doctor around.
  10. Brushes, combs and pets. Cats and dogs are great for sick folks to visit and most human diseases don’t jump to cats and dogs so the will have a good bit of entertainment of brushing critters, running a little laser or play toy for the pets.  While you may have to keep a sick person isolated for safety, they will need books, games and pets to keep them entertained

You don’t need to be a doctor or a paramedic to deal with most injuries, but you do need some basic medical knowledge and be willing to let the body heal itself with a little support. Remember protect your self and have plenty of gloves, masks and cleanup after visiting a sick person.  A little bit of bleach for washing sheets and a spray bottle.  A little basin/tub for wash ups,  Glasses and pitchers and all dishes should be sanitized as quickly as possible after use or sealed in plastic bags if using disposable products.  Make your sickroom as complete as possible as you may end up there. A little chair for poo bucket and make it easy to reach for a sick person.  A little tub for a sponge bath, brush comb and tooth brush, good simple clothes, colorful t shirts, shorts or sweats or nice jammies if they must stay in bed.  Books, cards, notebooks,  painting whatever staying occupied and not focusing on you sickness will aid in healing.

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