Finished up the shopping and odds & ends.

I got a big bag of malted barley from the beer lady,  55 pounds for making beer and I can eat it as well if times are tough.  She has offered to run it through her flaker/grinder to get it ready for brewing. Not a perfect answer but it saves me the cost of buying that gadget right now.  Her shop is about a mile away so I can ride my trike if things get really bad on gas prices. So I’m cleaning up a bucket that will hold enough for about 15 pounds to run through her machine or  about 2 batches of all grain beer depending of the recipe.

Got another bottle of Dawn dishsoap and another box of Dishwashing detergent at the Family Dollar along with a couple of jars of peanuts for snacks.  I have never been a big fan of peanut butter but I love peanuts for an occasional snack.  There lots of recipes for making your own peanut butter on the internet and in cookbooks, so I can make peanut butter if I need to out of my stored peanuts.

My little gum/tooth infection is just about cleared up and I didn’t use any anti-biotics though I’m keeping a close watch on it. Having the little tube of 20% benzocaine oral pain relief was a big help over the weekend when it started. I’m looking to add some more of those little tubes to the 1st aid stash. I also downloaded the E book “When there is no Dentist” and added it to my digital library.  Please don’t think I hate the medical profession, I know the VA at helped me to be functional after my CIDP if not saving my life. I have to say I have a great VA system here in the valley compared to some horror stories I’ve heard or read about.  Heck my Mom wants to use my VA doctor!  I’m not sure why my Doctor  stays in the government/VA system instead of private practice, but she is a great doctor!

I just think the medical profession is often over used for many minor ailments most folks could take care of themselves.  After reading some of the horror stories coming out of the UK medical system and some of the abuse in the USA’s own nursing homes and the abuse of people using “Emergency Rooms” in the USA.  I think everyone should know how to give some basic first aid and long term care.   With Obamacare and a possible collapse coming I think it’s best to be able to do all you can for yourself and others and not be totally dependent on the healthcare system.  If you do treat anything always keep a little notepad handy so you have a record of what you have done either to the doctor or if someone needs and Emergency room/doctor office visit. So they know how the person was treated.

I had a short but interesting conversation with my sister about the power outage on the east coast. I guess I let my contempt show through for folks that had seen many “disasters” over a 3 year period and still didn’t have a few basics on hand and then whined about stores running out of stuff or the government not helping them!  Of course the old standby came out of her mouth was folks are on a fixed income or poor and can’t afford to prepare.  I had to remind her I’m on a fixed income and that is a BS excuse after 3 years!

I know far to many folks like myself that do prepare and don’t have a lot of money to spend on it.  While they may not buy the $3500.00 gourmet freeze dried food for 1 person for a year or whole house generator/solar panel setup. They do have water, food, first aid, heat/light and something for security and or a weapon. We work our butts off getting that garden in and preserving it. We plan our shopping trips with all the care of a 4 star General looking at logistics/tactical and strategic goals for an campaign halfway round the world. Our budgets are planned out to the dime or penny to get the most bang for our dollars.  We are always learning new skills and reading or getting books to make life better for ourselves, and then we practice.

I started my prepping I was one of the sheep. My disease woke me up to the fact I had lot’s of toys and stuff on credit I didn’t have even a weeks worth of food, no guns or ammo, no water, no power and I was absolutely helpless in just my day to day living without any job or money coming in. I did not like that feeling of helplessness and I did things that were silly.  I also learned a lot and got less silly as I learned!  I really don’t have a lot a patience for folks that like to complain or whine yet do nothing to help themselves.

Oh sure everyone screws up when they are first learning. I hope you folks have learned to avoid my screw up and the common ones and have at least screwed up in a new and creative way! That’s how you learn and if you can learn from others mistakes all the better! WE tend to learn the most from our mistakes rather than our successes!  Revel in your screwing up and don’t try to be perfect just try to be good!  The last perfect man was hung from a cross and I’m certainly not up for that happening to me!

Ladies and gentleman we are living in historic times and it won’t be easy. So buckle up buttercup it’s going to be a bumpy ride!



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