Joel needs a new leg and Kris is on a new adventure

Joel is an critter living in the desert building his own home and being cheap like a  of us.  Unlike many of us he is missing a leg. He needs a new properly fitted leg. Hit his tip jar or stop by his blog @  many of you know Kris in Cali and her “simply living “blog. well she got laid off /fired and she is on a new mission to show folks how to make life great on a simple cash budget as well as make a penny scream in pain cause she has it down on living on $850 per month in Cali and not on food stamps or any other government hand outs .outs.   If you can show them a little love at their sites. Read the blogs and I think we can all learn something. Gosh I thought I was tight with a dollar until I read  Kris, she  can make a penny scream in pain she squeezes it so tight.  They are not asking for a handout at all. Just a little hand up and not to be dependent on the Government. A little $5.00 or $10.00 dollar donation will go straight to helping these folks.  I know money is tight but if you can show them a little love it will go a long way for them.

I often piss and moan but I’m darn lucky where I live and I can keep up on all payments and bills.  heck Craig got an old boat from Rusty and Craig is getting a start for his boat. We should be able to at least get a few funds together for a new leg for Joel as well as pump up Kris’s new job. I think us bloggers are a tribe of a sort. If you can stop by the blog and if you can afford it give them some love. Cause Kris will teach you how to live cheap and Joel will teach you about off the grid power/living if only how not to screw up by example!  Give up a latte, donate that few bucks and read the blogs. I think you will get your moneys worth!

6 Responses to Joel needs a new leg and Kris is on a new adventure

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    I’ll pass the word.

  2. […] Jamie brings to our attention today a couple folks who are “walking the talk”, but could use a little help. […]

  3. kymber says:

    i came here from Craig’s blog….how do we donate to either of them? i don’t see donate buttons on either blog??? we would love to help out with $20 bucks to each…not much…but something, right?

  4. Stephen says:

    Finally got around to updating my blog list…sorry. Have your new site here linked properly once again.

  5. Jamie says:

    Thank you all for stopping by those sites. Haven’t heard back about Joel but it really gave Kris a boost to see so many Hits.
    Stephen I’m still updating mine after shifting to wordpress so no worries!

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