Darn and other colorful Metaphors!

Well so much for that big item shopping list, as it just blew up in my face.  The items I wanted are out of stock for a month or gone completely and they have a new, improved and more expensive model to take it’s place.  I guess God has decided those are not critical items to have or I need to be saving and getting a little compact 9mm I found and put on layaway today. I  might want  pay it off a little quicker that I first thought!

These things happen, and it does no good to rant at the universe as it  doesn’t care about you one way or the other.  Most of the time it tends to work out for the better in the long run.  Call it Karma, fate or God but I do believe everything happens for a reason and sometimes “Stuff Happens” and you adapt.

I did get a super deal on a 1 oz. Walking Liberty only $30.00 today at the pawn shop.  I think these coins are a work of art and they are also legal tender so no sales tax.  If you are thinking about getting some silver or gold coins I’d only pay for the gold/silver  melt value and not the collector’s value unless you know your stuff.  But it’s a great way to have a little silver and gold and if you love history like I do there are some great resources on the Web on coin collecting.  I’m already considered a bit odd and a geek,  so coin collecting isn’t going to up my weirdo factor overall.

I will be able to get another 15 gallon water barrel as the beer lady is holding one for me until the first of the month. That will give me 250 gallons of stored potable water. I want to get a couple of the collapsible rain barrels to try out and one for the RV and the 500 total gallons will be done.  It’s been about 3 months since my water test and I have found some great buys since then so I’m feeling confident in my supplies though I worry about my family members.  The family is the  reason I tend to overstock on items for one person.  I got the pool shock (5 pounds) of bleach in dry form so we can treat wells or be able to treat several thousand gallons of water. I’m feeling pretty confident overall on the water situation even though I don’t have a well. Not perfect but a good start.

I will be getting a couple of more 48 oz. bottles of Dawn dish soap at the Family Dollar as the are on sale again for $2.25 each. A big box of baking soda, a box of borax and a gallon of lemon juice. I want to add all but the lemon juice to my little RV for camping to make my own cleaning supplies and these are all great multi-taskers.  Walgreen’s is having a sale on toilet paper I’ll check out.  C &C is having a sale, but nothing really blows my skirt up but the All purpose flour $12.95 for a 50 pound bag. But I did a quick inventory and I’m good on flour and grains.  I need to get in more beans and veggies stored when I find sales so that will be my next focus.

My apple tree is going like crazy and the walnut tree seems happy so we are looking at a good harvest from them.  Mom gave me a juicer this year so I want to try making some apple cider and vinegar and do some wine and jellies with the grapes.

Like our ancestors did we work to get ready for winter.  Prepping isn’t a fad it’s a way of life. Sure you can get the pre-made dehydrated food for a year, but you still need clean water to rehydrate it.  Plus learning traditional skills can be a blast and what a great way to do a living history project with your kids.

You can do more than a medieval peasant. You are not a serf , nor simply a consumer no matter what the PTBs think. You are a citizen with  inalienable rights to self defense, protection of property and the pursuit of happiness. Granted by you being born and not some bureaucratic pin head 3000 mile away.


5 Responses to Darn and other colorful Metaphors!

  1. Teresa Sue says:

    “Granted by you being born and not some bureaucratic pin head 3000 mile away.”

    I think that will be my quote of the day. 😉
    Miss Violet

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  3. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    The Lord works in mysterious ways : ) I’ve been thinking lately that my piggy perching has been “delayed” by various roadblocks until I get my oxygen system for the perch tank. It would be difficult at best to keep those buggers alive just by water exchange via bucket. I should get my final paycheck direct deposited tonight, unless they mail it. Then it is “full speed ahead”. Things happen for a reason most times…

    • Jamie says:

      Craig, I agree if we are smart enough to pay attention. I think everything came together for me to buy that little 9mm. I havn’t felt a powerful a pull “right out of the blue”like that in a while. I think it was God saying I really needed to get this pistol. That’s why everything else went “out of stock” so I wouldn’t feel bad about the little sidetrack on my basic plan.

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