Things are going great considering I had to change my shopping list.

Stop by the Beer lady and  got my 15 gallon water barrel and she is having a sale on the Amber LME 25% off regular price. Called up the neighbor and asked if she wanted me to pick up some for her and the fixings for a batch of beer and she said yes,  so I’ll get some more for her and another so I can start an Amber Lager.  I have wanted to get a few batches brewed and bottled just in case and this is a great buy on LME.  I’ll get a picture up of the 15 gal. water barrel with a 5 gallon camp jug for scale soon. That should give everyone a good idea of the size of the barrel.  If you have limited storage space I think these little 15 gallon barrels are the answer.  I like the portability of the 5 gallon camp jugs, but this 15 gallon barrel would take up a lot less floor space than three of the camp jugs.

I put a few more dollars on the 9mm layaway. I will be able to pay it on the 15th of theis month which is a couple of weeks early.  Never thought I’d  get this excited by a 9mm as I tend to be more of a big bore pistol fan. But this little rascal will be easy to carry all the time. The only weapon left to get is a little .22 rifle which are  low priced and I have the ammo for it already stored.  Over all I’m darned pleased how “Murphy” screwed up my shopping list.

The little SW/multi-band radio Mom gave me is charging via it’s built in solar panel. I think the hand crank generator might be FUBAR or I  just have to be patient as the radio is a few years old and the solar technology is not as efficient as we have today.  This  radio is an extra addition to my preps thought it does have more bands than my other emergency radios. Plus my little power pack will run it easily on DC power.  I wish I could afford a little “Ham radio” setup but I feel  all warm and fuzzy that I can listen to Shortwave,  got a couple of CB’s and a little hand held VHF radio.

Still have a few odds and ends to pick up for my multi-taskers of Dawn dish soap, Borax, lemon juice, baking soda and more Toilet paper.  Those will go for making some homemade cleaning supplies and stuff I will always need. I  have a good price so I can buy up quite a lot for under $15.00.

This check did not go for much on my shopping list.  Of course I’ve been doing this prepping thing for awhile and I can be flexible with the  over all plan, then several small goals to meet it.  After you get 3-6 months of your basics how and when you check off things that make you better prepared is up to you.  Don’t fall in love with your little goals that you can’t be flexible when “reality” screws it up.  Trust me if there is any permanent law it’s Murphy’s Law!


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