Getting kinda scary out there….

The USA has seen plenty of high profile and  low profile shootings and while I don’t want to minimize the Colorado, Detroit  or Wisconsin shootings the numbers equal three weekends in Chicago.  The most common connection I see in all these shootings is the gunman was reasonably sure they would be Gun-Free zones.  I will not be going anywhere that is declared a gun free zone except government offices when required as they have proven unsafe for people.

I find it equally disturbing the vitriol that is on the internet.  This is beyond the average troll or anonymous behavior and quite striking in the vehemence that they portray and wish on others they have never met. I’m remind of a Jew that survived the Holocaust said ” When people say they want to kill you.  Believe them!” and I believe some of these folks would have no problem ordering people they disagreed with killed.  After being stationed in Germany in the Army for several years I had always wondered how these mostly descent people could have had the Holocaust?  Sadly now I know.

No one can really stop someone if they are  committed to do a little mayhem. But you can protect yourself and don’t let the PTBs convince you are wrong if you are prepared to defend yourself.  The most valuable thing you own is your life and I see no reason that you shouldn’t try and protect it at all costs.

Not all bad stuff though as True Value Hardware is having a coupon sale till the 25th of August. Two types of canning jars on sale for $6.00 and $7.00 each case along with lids for $1.99 for 12.  It’s also great time to stock up on all those school supplies going on sale.  Keeping score in card games and paper and pencils/pens for writing if the power goes out for some time will be a must have if you can’t use a PC.

Arts and crafts are going on sale to so getting some supplies and try out a new hobby on the cheap.  I don’t know if you can make money with a hobby but keeping your mind and your hands busy is very therapeutic.  Super deals are happening with hunting and camping gear so if keep your eyes open for those deals. I’m amazed on how low cost tents and sleeping bags are compared to the past. They tend to be light weight but for about $50.00 you can pick up a popup dome tent and a sleeping bag or add some more for backups and barter. Add a propane lamp or 1 burner stove and you might be surprised how comfy a little tent can be on a cold night.

I finally got the Lager made and bottled up the Ale along with washing all those bleached towels. The towels came out pretty good and I think one more good soak will get them super clean.  So I’ll give them another good soak next laundry day and hope to finish them up.  I think I’ll use the Borax and see if it will help get that last tough stains out.

Found a few good buys on 9mm ammo though  I’ll spend a little more and get the re-loadable type cases. I figure about a $100.00 should get me about 500 rounds and I’ll get mine 9mm off  layaway on the 15th of this month. I’ll feel much better once I get it home and my other odds and ends I want to get when they come back into stock.  Add a little more fuel and some oil before the gas prices start to go up again in Idaho though it is already starting to inch up again. So it’s going to be finish up on my Four month gut check  purchases I have committed to and hope I’m wrong and nothing will happen in the Sept.-Oct. time frame with the economy.

Had a nice surprise when  I got an old compression bag out for Mom’s sleeping bags and found my wet weather gear and several sets of gloves from my Army days along with a Gerber lock back knife. The knife needs sharpened but is in great shape. I always liked the Army glove system with its wool liner and the gore tex type are warm gloves and very sturdy.  I know a lot of the signal guys liked the nomex gloves that pilots wear but I prefer a broke in pair of leather gloves.  With the different liners you can keep your gloves clean from sweat and also dry them when damp. The wool liner do a good job keeping your hands warm even if they get wet.  I collected a lot of gear while in the Army and I left with quite a lot after my discharge. I was always amazed at what folks seem to leave lying around and not care about gear or I found stuff cheap at the Army surplus store.  Plus inspections are super easy if you have one set of gear for “Display” and one that you used in the field.


4 Responses to Getting kinda scary out there….

  1. Teresa Sue says:

    Hey Jamie,
    Thanks for the heads up on the canning jars. We have TV hardware stores up here. I’m good on qt jars, I have hundreds of them, but I really need some pints.
    You know I never thought about putting a gun on lay a way. Where did you do that? A local store, or a big box?
    Miss Violet

  2. Jamie says:

    TS, I’ve done layaway at a couple of Pawn shops and a local sporting goods store. Call a few pawn shops in your area and ask about layaway. I also love going to pawn shops as it can be a great place to get cool stuff for prepping.

  3. riverrider says:

    j, scary yes, and wierd. 3 back to back shootings? i haven’t heard a thing about the detroit one. why? and the fbi said it sees no reason to further investigate the wisconsin translation is “we investigated but it led to us, oops.” when since they were created have they ever dropped a case out of the blue? answer: OKC. john doe number three?

  4. Jamie says:

    river I’m guessing that the Detroit story didn’t fit the Media’s narative. I don’t want to make assumption as no race was mentioned but the Boat was hosting a Hip Hop dance party!
    25 people were shot over the last weekend in Chicago but that’s not getting much attention either so I guess it does not fit in with the Media’s agenda

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