A good day

I felt just terrible Tuesday didn’t even go for my walk with Mom.   I did feel quite a bit better today and I got my shopping done.  I talked  to the store clerks and they are noticing people stocking up. I think knowing your clerks is a huge advantage in smaller and local stores because you pick up little bits of info here and there and when you start putting it together you can see trends. The clerks see so many more people than you,  so when they remark on something happening, it’s a big deal!

I stopped by my True Value store and picked up 3 boxes of canning lids and they had already sold out of the visor LED flashlights and it’s only been 3 days since the sale started!  I got a rain check and they have another shipment coming in Thursday so if you want some of these little hands-free lights you might want to get them early as the clerks said they sold out the last time they had them on sale.

Obama says he is going to try and buy up chicken, pork and catfish “to support the farmers and ranchers” via the USDA.  So we may not see much of a price drop in those meats.  If you need to stock up on those meats you may have 15-30 days to get today’s prices.  Watch the price of chicken,  as it has the quickest processing from chick to chicken and if chicken spikes in price you know pork will be going up next.  Beef ranchers don’t seem to be getting the same offer so we still may see some good prices on beef the next couple of months.  I think the PTBs  should just kill the ethanol mandate but I’m sure BIG AGRICULTURE won’t put up with that idea.  Don’t forget getting milk, cheese and butter because the ranchers my cull the dairy cattle as well if they can’t afford feed them through the winter.

It is really starting to look ugly for the world economy and though I had my “four month gut check” and I believe that Sept. is going to be a critical month. I’d  continue to stock up so you don’t need to shop for three months for any basic needs.  I hope I’m wrong and you get to eat for a month or two for free and use that money on some thing you would like to have, need or pay off some debts.  There is also some talk of some cutting of SSI, SSD and SS  of up to 20%   in checks.  We are already seeing Obamacare screwing with insurance premiums and it does not go into effect officially till 2014.


5 Responses to A good day

  1. Matt says:

    Depending on each individual’s needs and purchasing ability, silver is still at good price and there are many headlines these days that it’s about to go up again in price.

    As far as the rest of your post, I do think that many people are starting to get into the hunker-down mode. I’m feeling it more everyday.

  2. riverrider says:

    j, glad you’re feeling a little better at least….yeah, everybody that i talk to for more than a minute tells me times are about to get real tough and i better stock up. i always have a little inside laugh, like “if you only knew”. but then, i live in the country. i had a cashier at chinamart first ask why i was buying so much(“because i can”), then tell me “oh nothing is gonna happen, so i don’t worry about stocking up.” to which i said, “i stock up so i don’t have to worry about it, not the other way around.” took about 3 seconds for the funny look to come over her face.

  3. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Oh it’s “happy days are here again” down this way. The mini oil boom has many flush with cash, new cars are rolling off the lots, and new dealerships are being built. But the bums still won’t pay for skilled labor, and many jobs I see are for 10 bucks an hour. At that rate I’d work three weeks just to pay the rent on our modest house. I think I’ll pass.

    On stocking up, virtually no one does around here, even though we’re in hurricane country. You just can’t fix stupid…

  4. Jamie says:

    Matt I want to get some more silver and hope it will stay low until the end of the month.
    river I tell you having a full freezer and a fully stocked “Pantry” is a great feeling.
    Craig I bet they are just racking up a bunch of debt because they can make the payments again. I’m amazed that most people don’t at least have some basics already on hand from all the disaster this country has seen the past few years. Your right you can’t fixed stupid!

  5. riverrider says:

    j, aaaaaannnntt! your pantry can NEVER be fully stocked. it may be full or even over flowing but never, ever, fully stocked. There’s always that one item that we need more of. LOL!

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