Minime the 9mm, kind of blew my budget

I have seldom felt so compelled to buy anything.  I have my budget and goals set for the year and I stick to them and I’ll tell you picking up a 9mm was not in any of my plans for this year.  I don’t regret getting the 9mm but I was hoping to get up and visit Miss Violet and her little mini-Patcon/and preppers fair in Spokane . I have used up that money I had originally budgeted for that trip on Minime.  I’m not giving up quite yet on the trip but it’s going to be more difficult to get enough for the gas money with the prices going up.

Don’t worry I’m doing fine on my funds I just felt the 9mm and getting a little more meat and ammo is a little more critical than when the trip was first planned.  Of course when I buy a new gun I always want to get a couple more mags and stuff to maintain it.  To Craig I got a used Hi-point C-9 for $150.00 and it is very small pistol compared to the other Hi-points. I will take it out shooting and  give you a report.  I have a little fannypack/holster and Minime fits into it with room to spare.

I got all of the meat packaged up and stored in the freezer.  The eye of round looks to be a good cut of meat as I sliced up several steaks of different thickness.  I like having a few steaks cut thin that I can fry up for steak and eggs the rest were cut thick for BBQ.  The pups were happy they get silver skin and fat I trim for them as a little treat.  I also froze up five pounds of pork chops and 5 pounds boneless ribs.  I’m going to get another 10 pounds of hamburger for $19.90 to can, along with some chicken thighs I bought earlier this year. Having some extra meats canned will make me feel a lot better and make a little more room in the freezer for any sales I run across in the next month and a half.

I have a couple of items left on the shopping list to pick up with rain checks. I can’t believe those little visor flashlight sold out in three days.  But when I talked to the clerk she said they always go fast.  I’m guessing they must work good and folks like them.  The paper towels and toilet paper at Big Lots and the ready to eat meals at the Family Dollar.

I think my Mom is hell bent on clearing out Walgreen’s while they are having a sale on school supplies.  10 notebooks for a dollar and 10 packs of pens and pencils for 29 cents.  Lots of sharpeners, scissors ,other little geegaws and three more reams of printer paper.  Heck I might add a little print work into my odd jobs list  after the SHTF.  I’ve made catalogs, cards and labeling with my software and laser printer so that is another possible income stream.



4 Responses to Minime the 9mm, kind of blew my budget

  1. Teresa Sue says:

    Well I hope you can make it up the end of Sept, but I’m glad you’re taking care of business at home, that comes first.
    Miss Violet

  2. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Doing a little reading on the C9. My brain is swimming in all the gun info from the last couple days! I need to get my butt to the gun shop so I can handle these things and physically compare…

  3. Jax says:

    I have a Hi-Point 40 S&W that I LOVE. I think we picked it up for $126 on sale. It’s huge, clunky and looks like a boat anchor, but I can chase a can across the ground with it all day. It’s huge in my little hands, but I feel comfortable shooting it, and that’s what’s important.

  4. Jamie says:

    Jax The c-9 looks like it’s about half the size compared to the .40. Showed minime to Mom and she fell in love with it.

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