Busy Sunday

As you all know because of my whining my good days have been a little hit and miss.  Saturday was bad for most of the day but towards evening I could get a few things going like boiling up some wort for some ale and doing some laundry.  Lots of breaks and aspirin but I managed to get my bedding replaced and clean.  Rotated my German mattresses (Queen size bed but made with two twin size type mattresses).  I think the mattress may have got a little saggy and was contributing to my aches, pains and lack of sleep. While I’m not back on a normal schedule the sleep I got better sleep and I didn’t wake with back pain.  Getting good rest seems to be a big factor in both my CIDP and my Mom’s Fybro.  I bought extra mattresses while in Germany so rotating them is easy to do and doesn’t cost anything but a little effort.

So I got most of the laundry done Saturday night (yes  I live a such a “party animal” life style) and brewed the ale. I got up Sunday and the house was feeling kind of disgusting and I felt the need to clean.  Not to over do I’m washing down the walls a room and a half at a time with just some pine oil cleaner, a soft bristle push broom and a couple of big sponges. If you are a smoker you will see your walls and windows take on a brown tinge from the smoke and the pine oil soap and brush tends to make short work of it. The sponges just are a followup behind the brush to grab all the dirt.

Cleaned up one small bathroom including walls, the big bathroom about 1/2  of the walls in my bedroom and the kitchen floor which was disgusting and I hadn’t noticed how bad it was until I got it clean.  Got a real good vacuuming done on half of the house.  When I got out of the Army I wanted a really good vacuum and splurged on a Dyson back in 2003 that cost about $300.00 for the basic model. If you keep the beater bar clear, rinse the filters occasionally it is a great vacuum and I’ve had mine for over 9 years and I still love it and it still gets the job done for picking up pet hair and everything else.  I’ve replace only 1 belt in all that time.  Sometimes spending a bit more for quality saves you quite a lot over the long term.  I tend to be  cheap but you have to be careful and cost over the effective lifespan of a product.  Even a t-shirt from Hanes used to be good quality, but now you feel the weight of the cotton, the weave and how tight it is, check out the seams you start looking for a higher quality and pay extra for it.  I got another few yards of fabric.  Another 3 yards of a nice cotton in a almost sage color. I’m well above 20 yards of fabric and quite a lot of thread and I hope to do something with it this winter.  But I’m not going to get crazy, I got the material and if someone want’s to trade great and I can do some simple stuff sewing.  It’s a win/win.

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