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I don’t know why  I’m feeling agitated and jumpy. It could be the weather as we have thunder storms moving through  the area, the smoke from all the fires  or this Brandom Raub case struck me kinda hard.  Perhaps  it’s because the whole world has decided to get all Higley-Pigley and feels like we are rushing into a disaster, but I’m feeling as nervous as a cat in a rocking chair factory.

Brandon Raub’s story so far:

This is starting to get very scary

Brandon was Detained for some Facebook posts that were supposedly private. He was questioned by both the Secret Service and FBI before being taking by the county cops to a Psych Hospital for evaluation then ordered held another 30 days by a judge

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The Rutherford Institute’s information on Raub’s case is available at http://www.rutherford.org.

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I was figuring this was just a quick nudge but it is starting to look like the PTBs are going to test the indefinite detention of  the NDAA.

I feel this is something that everyone should be concerned about because this is tyranny!  It doesn’t matter your politics as we have seen both Republicans and Democrats have used the “Patriot act” to do as they wish to protect their power and to hell with the American people and the Constitution.

Get off facebook, get out of the system as much as you can and be self reliant as possible. Whoever controls your or your familie’s food and water will eventually control you.  With what has happened in MF Global and especially the Sentinel fund your money is not safe in any institution from a Credit Union to the big hedge funds, 401 k or IRAs.  Sorry to say this, but Anne Barnhardt is right, ” if you can’t touch it, hold it in your hand or stand in front of it and protect it”. “It’s not yours!”  Get those little green bits of paper turned into something real you can use today or you will need in the future.

Never speak to the police without a lawyer and never consent to a search, make them produce a warrant and read it carefully.  I’m no legal expert but the internet has many sites to educate you about your rights.

I’m  probably on many lists because I scored perfectly on the “Classified Mo. Police/DHS Report” on domestic extremist  back in 2009. that was accidentally released.  What’s ironic with several congress critters and Obama wanting to give aid to syrian rebels they are actually in direct violation of NDAA and the support of Al Qaeda fighting with the rebels.

Update  Brandon has been released


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  1. riverrider says:

    j, he’s in a VA hospital near here now but they are transferring him to points unknown today. playing where’s waldo until we lose interest i guess. i look at this as a kneejerk reaction to aurora, not so much orwellian, but the tactics are right out of the ss handbook. did you see the guy in seattle? he was arrested for “email threats”. pretty soon they’ll be picking me up for dream threats…..saw a documentary last night about how the dollar became worthless. lots of real experts saying how its all a ponsi shell game and WILL fail soon. first time i’ve been able to understand it all and scared the crap out of me. i didn’t know that governments worldwide have been dumping gold on the market at low prices to keep the gold market down. they don’t want us owning real money. if we’re dependant on the fake money, we’re still in the game, under control. when we have the real money, they lose control. soros just sold all his stock and bought many millions in gold. uncle sugar buying hollow points to shoot us with. i’d say its time to feel antsy.

  2. riverrider says:

    oh, and israel saying they will take action by fall. then tdl can call up all vets and keep us “in training”, away from home and our guns. we’ll be detained without even knowing it. well, some will. i’ve done my 29 years, i’m digging in right here. sic semper tyrannus.

  3. riverrider says:

    its being reported that a va judge has ordered raub’s release. hope its true.

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