No alarm clocks

I ‘m getting used to a new keyboard so my typing slower and even less accurate than normal. I did get almost everything on my list but the Alarm clock!  Darn things were battery powered and I really would like to get a wind up watch and alarm clock. I never thought it would be so difficult to find windup clocks.  I got almost 10 yards of 100% cotton muslin  for $12.50.  I’ve an idea about using it for diapers and all around patching stuff.  Kitty snacks and good deals on paper towels, laundry soap and I’m seeing how long the Big Lot’s double roll tissue paper lasts and quality. I like the Big lots paper towels so I hope the TP is as  good. Another big bottle of laundry soap and a total of 12 rolls of paper towels that should last about 12 months for what I normally use .  It’s always fun to check the block on anything and say I’m good for a year.

Stopped by Office Depot for the keyboard and I picked up a 16GB jump drive for $9.00 . Office Depot had an 8 GB drive for $6.00 which is just a little cheaper than the Big lots usb drive.  These are great because you can make digital copies of all your important papers, pictures, your e-book prepping library and always carry it with you in case of a fire or flood, you have your data.  May not work after an EMP event but for everything else they are a cheap insurance.

Added more tobacco to the pantry for use or trade and Dollar tree is getting the UHT milk back in stock. The UHT milk is more expensive than the regular milk in the store but, it stores months longer and is shelf stable. I like having it for camping and as a backup to canned/powder milk.  If dairy starts spike in price having backups for fresh milk , UHT, canned and powdered milk should stay fairly low priced because of the lag time in production.  Added a couple of spice mixes for the house and RV and some easy to clean ceramic pet bowls for the RV.

I’m looking to get some oil at Fredmeyers. Five quarts for $11.99 and in October I’ll be getting some new tires for the mini-van.  Time to get everything ready for winter and doing maintenance on vehicles. I may not be able to do somethings but if I have the product on hand I’m sure I can get someone to do the work in exchange for some beer!

I’ve been skipping the silver to get a few more backup items and ammo. I want to keep some extra cash on hand for any food sales and stuff for the holidays. I still need a couple of Turkeys and Prime rib for holiday meals though I’ve got most of the presents already on hand.  Silver is more of a long term item and the cash on hand is still taken by everyone. I have on average only 300 rounds for each gun and want to get up to at least  500 rounds per gun then get the dies, powder and primers for reloading my own bullets.  I think I have a good amount  of junk silver, bars and rounds that are easy to to convert to stuff if we see a collapse. I’m no Rockefeller but I should be able to get by for a few months.


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