Figuring up the next shopping list

I have few items I really want to get this month especially the “Wheat cooking starter kit” from Emergency Essentials for $56.00 counting shipping.  That’s the usual cost  for just the grinder,  for me the grinder will be a muscle powered back up. I have a few energy backups for electric grinders via a generator and solar power.  That should take care of all the grain needs for the short term, though I’m still hoping to find a nice grinder on sale or second hand.  I got an idea for getting some of those collapsible Rain barrels they have on Amazon.  I want to set up the 3 rain barrels I have that are heavy duty and then daisy chain a few of the collapsible barrels to be moved between the sunny side of the house to the shady side depending on the season.  If I did the math correctly, my roof could provide up to 2000-3000 gallons of water per year on average if I have a way to store it.  This water would have to be filtered and treated before drinking but I’d do that for any water I got from an open source. I have two  different types of powder sanitizer, one is acid based and one is chlorine based.  I should be able to sanitize about 50,000 gallons total for drinking and food prep. I think that should be enough for my needs and have a little left over for barter or trade.  LOL

I need to call the utility companies and have them mark all pipes and stuff on my property. There is a very  neat Humanure pit that is supposed to be good for about 25-30 people that is about 8 foot by 8 foot and 8 foot deep that has been tested by Peace Corps/UN organizations, a couple of those per block of single family homes would work great if the city sanitation system went down for a week or more.  With a little prior planning you can keep folks healthy using low tech alternatives.  The PTBs want all control so they can be seen as the provider of all things good of civilization and if you find out you can get by without them they lose power over you!  No I don’t want to use a poo bucket or an outhouse but I want to know I can and make it safe for myself and my neighbors.  Bugs, vermin and microbes never respect property lines!

Next is fuel I’ll be getting another small(20 pound) propane tank for cooking and heating. Mom got some cool kerosene lanterns and together we have several backups for heating and cooking for the knucklehead kids. I will be getting my fuel cans rotated and refilled.  I’m saving up to get some tires in Oct. and some extra parts on hand for my gas engine stuff. That’s whats stopping me from going to the Spokane prepper’s fair and visiting Miss Violet at the Traditional skills blog site.  Sure it would be fun, but needs come first before vacations and there is always next year!

Buying up plenty of toilet paper I got a little low of having only 40 rolls on hand waiting for sales. I like the Big Lots 12 double rolls for $5.00 but Walgreen’s has a sale on Angel soft tp at $4.00 for 12 rolls that I want to try out.  Yes 40 + rolls for me means it’s time to shop for more as I’m to low

Oh sure I’m stocking up for and “Economic Collapse” of some sort, deflationary or hyper inflation but life goes on.  The whole point of prepping is to have a buffer for hard times no matter what happens,  you and your “tribe” can ride it out if not comfort at least with minimal discomfort.  I’m thinking it will be hyper inflation rather than a deflation, but unless wages start getting inflationary as well hyper inflation can’t take off and you are looking at the stagflation of the late 70’s.


3 Responses to Figuring up the next shopping list

  1. Teresa Sue says:

    I am dissapointed you can’t come up for the expo, but I understand.
    If you have any insights, ideas, concerns, etc about “getting tribe” email me with them and I’ll bring them up at our meeting.
    Miss Violet

  2. Seamus says:

    I’ll be at the Spokane expo … but I have to warn you we bought the mill from emergency essentials and we didn’t find it very good… we saved for a few months and ended up buying a country living mill… sooo glad we saved… well worth the money!

  3. Jamie says:

    Seamus, Thanks, I kind of figured it was marginal at best but I do have a few reasons for getting it
    1. Neither Mom or I have any non electric grinders.
    2. I store lots of flour so I probably won’t need a grinder for awhile but, I hate not having at least a small hand powered backup.
    3. We are going to check the antique sales coming up and get a big powerful hand grinder and the little EE mill will be a backup.

    I think if you only can have only one mill, you are right to save for it.
    If we don’t find a good mill during the antique shows we will look at the country living mills since many people like them.

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