Exciting news! Got the stuff for my first all grain beer.

I’ll be using the Brew in a Bag (BIAB) method that started in Australia and is starting to get popular in the USA.  It’s very simple and inexpensive compared to the traditional method of All-grain brewing. Basically you bring your pot up to the temp. your recipe requires 148-160 degree range and put in your grains and let the grains steep for about 90 minutes. After you just make your beer just like normal bringing it to a boil and adding your hops.

If you have looked into doing an all-grain brew you know there is some extra equipment needed to make your wort.  The only equipment I had to buy was two $3.10 mesh bag from the beer lady.  I have two five gallon stock pots rather than a 7-8 gallon pots so I need to split my ingredients between the pots to come up with the six total gallons I need for the fermenter.

I think the greatest thing was the price!  I bought 55 pounds  the two pale malted barley a couple of weeks ago. That’s about $6.50 per 8.5 pounds and the flavoring grains, yeast and hops added another $8.00. So for $14.00 and about 2-3 hours work will give me about 2 cases of beer. I’ ll take  the spent grain to some folks that have chickens for feed if they want it  and even found some recipes for the spent grain, from doggie treats to bread . Looks like freezing is the safest method for storage of the spent grains.

I can see how some cultures relied so heavily on beer. You get 2-3 uses of the same batch of grain. What great multi-tasker, you get beer, bread and feed for your animals.  Not to bad a return on $14.00 worth of grain!

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  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    (Strapping on my Cliff Claven postal hat) Here is an interesting historical tid bit. Back in the 1700-1800s (as far as I know) they used to drink “small beer”, even with breakfast, the safety of water being questionable. Small beer was the second and even third run from the same batch. Then you feed it to the chickens : )

  2. Jamie says:

    Craig, All my recipes are a one run batch, but with beer being the main focus I don’t imagine making a “small beer” would be a factor for most home brewers. Just being able to add to bread and make animal feed is a happy bonus. My Mom gives me free eggs once and awhile and I would feel better if I could contribute a little feed for getting eggs. The recipe for homemade doggie treats will save money compared to the store bought treats and I’ll know what is in them.

    I’m begining to think that all grain beer making is a skill that can really pay off in a disaster or SHTF moment.
    You have about the same investment as a pressure canner and jars, depending if you go low or high end equipment. You can make a superior product for lower cost compared to most store bought stuff. $1.80 for a sixpack of any kind of beer is darn cheap!
    In every runup I’ve seen when people have a warning before a storm. The beer aisle of a store is emptied as fast as the bread and milk aisles. Americans are dumb but we got PRIORITIES!!

    Last but not least nothing goes to waste or in the trash.

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