A new project to get me away from being “Debbie Downer”

I’m by nature an optimistic and positive person.  Don’t know why because most of the family tends to have more of a cynical outlook on life.  I think overall it’s helped with the little setbacks in life that we all have to deal with,  I can not take credit for it it’s just how I’m wired.  I don’t do “Doom & Gloom very well and it wears me down, perhaps quicker than it would a more cynical person.  So watching what’s happening in the world makes it darn tough for me and I know today’s worries are  nothing more than a case of the sniffles  now compared to Double pneumonia when the Collapse happens and it will happen because it’s just math.

Nothing I can do will change what will happen. I just have to keep stacking the odds in my favor for when it does and take positive steps to control my little environment and how I will react.  Learning all-grain brewing is my answer to doom and gloom.  I have already read three different ways to use the spent grains from the all grain brewing method.  I can save $6.00-$10.00 per six gallon batch or beer. I will have one of the best barter items as it takes specific ingredients, skill and knowledge to make beer.  Brewing  is definitely going on my survival resume!

I love learning skills, mastering something even in it’s simplest form is almost “Zen-like” for me.  Sure you can pay a lot of money for anything you want, but to master a simple skill and reach for perfection is very rewarding.  It has a value beyond than dollars or the hours invested. A simple loaf of homemade bread costs about 30-50 cents to make but it’s value to me is much higher!

You can always tell  someone values by how simple they think it is to do, also they have probably never done it.  I hear this a lot from my family. “It’s easy for you”.  Now I’m 100% disabled,  I’m able to mow my lawn in 15-30 minute blocks and rest for 30-60 minutes and that’s using a gas mower. This is not a big lawn, before I was disabled I could knock out both front and the backyard in about an hour including edging and weed waking.  Now it takes two days.

Oh sure I have time and I have tried to learn skills that take advantage of my work/rest cycles. Cheat  using powered tools when I can, but it ain’t easy for me. I may have time but very little that I can do is physically easy.  Somethings I just can’t do because of my handicap. Well I could never slam dunk a basketball but that didn’t mean I couldn’t have fun playing basketball when I was younger.

We all have limitations of one sort of another, I don’t believe that is an excuse not to do the very best you can!

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