Huzzah going to save some money shopping Wed.!

The Paul’s grocery flyer came and several of the items I wanted are even cheaper than at Cash & Carry!  Clear food wrap is a big one, only $12.50 for 5, 200 foot boxes compared to $16.98 for 1, 1000 foot roll.  They have a great buy on Ibuprofen 24 tablet bottles for .88 cents,  Tuna is .58 cents a can and some great bone in Pork chops for $1.48 a pound.  Paul’s has a great butcher shop and I get those chops cut about a 1/2 inch thick and I can almost use them as roasts.  I’m going to get about 15 pounds and wrap them up for the freezer.

I’m still trying to decide if I want to focus on meat or beans for shopping.  As far as prepping it could be argued both ways for me.  A full freezer is a happy freezer, but you don’t need power to store dried beans.  Perhaps I’ll focus on meats and let Mom focus on beans as the bulk goods is to give us a back up for the “idiot children” and we have plenty of heat and eat foods already stored in bins.

Mom is happy about storing rice now that she knows how to cook it properly. She could not believe how much difference just rinsing the rice before cooking made in taste and texture.  It shows how just a little knowledge and practice can make a huge difference in something as simple as a bowl of rice.  So make sure you practice cooking with your bulk goods and different ways to cook with them.  Just rinsing is probably something that everyone that cooks rice knows but forgets to tell anyone, because everyone knows it!

Having someone that shares your adventures is a very big thing and a huge help overall. I know of many folks that have one  person prepping and no support via partners or family members! No it’s not just men or just women, it seems to me it it’s pretty even break down between the two sexes.  But having someone local to you is a huge help for emotional support. I have my Mom and we are both working hard to try and have enough on hand for all the idiot children. But I also have some very good neighbors that are helpful and I’d classify more into self-reliance rather than preppers.  I think our little block will do pretty good overall!

Remember you are not alone and you are not crazy, fearful or paranoid.  If all preppers/survivalists are wrong and the world becomes a utopia, the worse thing that happens to you is you save money and don’t have to shop for awhile. You got an awesome camping and tailgating setup. You are ready for storms and power outages. You have new skills and knowledge to use, practice and teach.

I don’t know about you but I’m not seeing a big break out of utopia happening anywhere in the world right now!

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