New shopping list, last shopping list?

Last big push to get a few items I’ve been wanting for ages or at least a couple of years since I started prepping.  This next check will get the rototiller and the hand grinder. I need another big box of saran wrap and it’s on sale this week. A 1000 foot box  is good for a year plus and any time I check off an item I don’t need to buy for a year is a good thing.

I’m going to get another 12 pak of the Big Lots TP. Mom doesn’t care for it much as it’s not soft enough. I think it’s great and I prefer a little more strength, and softness is not a big deal after being in the military and living in Germany.  I swear the TP in Germany still has splinters of wood mixed in the TP.  Not pleasant, I assure you and since I have time I’ll stock up on what I like to use.

I’d like to get the collapsible rain barrel but the shipping costs almost doubles the price ordering via Amazon.  I don’t care for companies that set a low price then try and screw the customer with shipping charges and hope they don’t notice.  Found some great lighters at Honk’s (a dollar store) It’s the Scripto lighters and you get 3 for a dollar. These are good and don’t break or lose the flint and leave a lot of unused fuel. Not quite as long lasting as a Bic lighter but you can get 3 or more for the cost of 1 Bic lighter.  Very good item to have on hand as well as for barter or trade.

Add another 20 pound bottle of propane and I’m pretty well set for fuel for a couple of months if I’m frugal. Plus a little cash leftover.

I feel a little odd. I did a hard push to get those last minute items for my four month gut check and I managed to get them almost all done.  I’m not at loose ends because there is always more to learn and stuff to get but I have all I need for over a year.  I’m looking at what I think I need to buy for next month and there nothing I “need” to buy. Oh sure there are things I want,  but all my needs are pretty well done. I don’t think I can explain it very well. But it’s a combination of  feeling of peace and competence. I can handle whatever reality throws at me and be good at it.  Oh sure reality can throw me a nasty knuckle ball but overall I think I can handle what may happen in life.

I had a very similar feeling happen when I hit my six month point of food stored, after my 2 months of no shopping and my water test getting a few barrels to make me feel secure that I’m good on the basics.  I know I have the basics covered, tested them and I’m ready to move on to the next stage of prepping whatever I decide it is going to be for me.

I don’t fear inflation or Hyperinflation, I planned on it happening so I’m not surprised other than the Fed announcing that’s what they want to happen. Raise gas prices to $10 a gallon I got my trike, Raise electricity rates I got lamps, fuel and I can make candles, cut off my water I have a bit stored and I can filter and sanitize plenty for me for years. No sewer, no problem I can handle it.  Meds, I spent a year proving to myself I could get by without them.  None of this was or will be easy but I have tested myself and I know what I can and can not do.

If you fear something you must confront it and take steps to turn that fear into confidence that you will do the best you can with what you have on hand.  You will die no matter what, everyone dies. I will go down kicking, scratching the whole way. God gave me this gift of life and I believe I should value it!

So buckle up buttercup it’s going to be a hell of a ride!

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