Random thoughts and observations

I got a bag of grits for the neighbors along with some beans and rice.  In less than 3 weeks the grits increased  $3.00 for the 25 pound bag. That’s a big jump in price so on the bulk corn products inflation is already happening.  Nice to know I got to help them get a few hundred meals they can make and I don’t have to worry about them going “Zombie” on me! Get your popcorn for the Apocalypse it’s going to be a hell of a show!

A bit of a scare going around of Arsenic showing up in rice.  I find it oddly convenient that this is happening just before we start seeing shortages/rising prices in grains because of the drought and QE – infinity. You should  rinse your rice before cooking!  Rinsing  gives you a better finished product.  Funny, no warnings on buying seafood for radiation from Fukashima on the West coast despite raised radioactive particles. Also didn’t the alphabet Gov. agencies give approval for all the chemicals being sold and used on crops?  Now they suddenly discover arsenic in rice?  I guess I need to calibrate my tinfoil hat again.

The EPA is planning the shut down of 200 coal-fired electric power plants.  Do you have any back up  power sources?  Kerosene lamps  are a fair light source and 10-15  gallons  of fuel could give you about 3-4 months of light for a couple of lamps. Don’t forget to add extra wicks.  A used Kerosene stove or Mr. Buddy propane heater can give you great backup for heat and the fuel is relatively safe to store.  A small gas generator can be bought for under $200.00 and if you run it in a couple of 2-4 hour blocks every 24 hours you can maintain a fridge/ freezer. Don’t forget to store the proper oil and parts along with gas to keep your generator happy.  Some heavy duty ext. cords are a great item to have for powering stuff.  It is a lot easier to move a cord rather than the generator.

Adding a small 200-400 watt inverter you can turn you car into a generator for keeping phones/laptops charged.  You can also get a little mini-fridge/warming ovens that plug into the cigarette lighter outlet.  Add a small solar panel to keep the battery charged and you can save a little on gas.  You probably won’t be able to power everything in the house this way but you might be surprised just having a few comforts may make if the lights go out for whatever reason.

If you are going to store gas try and buy non-ethanol gas. Yes,  some gas stations do sell gas without ethanol and make sure you rotate it every 3-6 months. It does cost a bit more but it won’t attract water like ethanol and is more efficient so you get more miles per gallon.  Have a pump or keep some old fashioned cans and funnels if  you buy the new “safety” cans.  Trust me they are impossible to pour into a tank without spilling, though they are okay for storage.  http://www.buyrealgas.com/ will show gas stations that sell non-ethanol gas.

As we move into fall and winter don’t forget to update your BOB and your emergency kits for the car.  If you have food or snacks it’s time to get new food in the bag and use up the older food before it expires.  Change out from summer to winter clothes. I use  big 2 gallon ziplock  type freezer bags and mark them summer and winter.  Super easy to change out, water resistant, and the bags make great multi-taskers for containing everything from dirty laundry and trash to making a small solar still that captures dew from a tree branch.

Get new batteries and the smoke and carbon monoxide detector tested.  If you get snow and cold, winterize everything  now.  Check anti-freeze, tires, salt and or sand on hand and if you put up plastic on the windows buy now and avoid the rush.  If you use a wood stove get that chimney clean and new filters for central heating. If you have a self-cleaning oven on a cool night toss your BBQ grills and run it.  The best and laziest way I have found to get grills clean and get all that ash out of the BBQ as it will cause rust if you have humidity.

The Holiday season is coming up fast, if you celebrate start looking for sales and get that candy stored.  Start looking for your main holiday meal things on sale.  Turkey, ham, roast beast of any sort that you want to cook.  If you do gifts start looking for sales if you haven’t shopped for everyone yet and put a few FRNs  to good use.


4 Responses to Random thoughts and observations

  1. riverrider says:

    j, awesome advice as usual. i need to tighten up on the winter preps and i still haven’t tested the new genny. the nearest real gas to me is too far to drive so i use ethanol stabil instead, and pri-g. seems to work, i have used yearold gas without problems. one thing though, small engines like the chainsaw can’t take any water at all, and many recommend high octane for them now. since i went to 93 octane i haven’t had any probs with them. expensive i know, but tearing down or replacing a 400 dollar chainsaw in post shtf is not an option. i need to change out the ghb too, thanks. keep up the good work. we’re listening even if we;’re not commenting. take care.

  2. Jamie says:

    river, it usually takes me a couple of reminder to get ready for fall and winter. But it’s nice to have all the salt, sand shovels and the basics already done long before the first snowfall. I now have an electric chainsaw and rototiller so getting gas is no longer and issue. They are small and not as powerfull as gas machines but I think they are good enough around my little place.

  3. Matt says:

    Yes, I am listening too, even if I don’t comment all the time. I am subscribed so that I get your latest posts via email. I enjoy the attitude you take to this. The whole cotton-pickin’ world is going to heck and you keep plugging right along.

    BTW, I’ve taken my blog down if you want to take me off your list.
    “Tall tree short rope” . I’ve limited myself to just a very few blogs now and found out I am not as stressed and I’m getting my focus back.

    Also, I meant to tell you but never got around to it, but I was stunned about your 4 to 5 mile walks you do with your walker. That’s inspiring.

    You go, Jamie!

  4. Jamie says:

    Matt, I’ll take down the link. I think just commenting on what others write and inspires you is a good way to go. I don’t know about other bloggers but I love having rational comments.
    At the mall where I walk with my Mom there are quite a few people that started doing a walks with a walker after I started. Perhaps seeing someone go ahead and walk help them not feel silly doing a walk themselves with a walker

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