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Getting my next big food shopping list done up for the first of October. Thankfully I only have one item I have to get the first and I can do the rest of the shopping on the 2nd or later that week. Paul’s will be having a big case lot sale so I’ll be adding some cases of canned goods.  Cash & Carry is a a little on the high side for my average shopping budget,  but I really want to add another 50 pounds of sugar to the pantry.  I don’t use a lot of sugar but adding the ability for candies cakes and pastry’s to my menu is going to be nice.  C&C also has tri-tip for $2.88 a pound about a 15 pound average that will give me a nice cut of meat to stash in the freezer for about the same price per I see hamburger at the store.

You may have seen stories about the great bacon shortage that is coming out of  England. So if you want to have bacon at a  good price, it’s time to get it and freeze or can it.  I know I have seen bacon in bulk for $2.50-$3.00 a pound and spending $30.00 on bacon seems absurd but I have mine and will be getting some more and if you don’t have time or equipment for canning bacon it will do fine in the freezer for several months.

The PTBs are only talking about bacon but it’s really all products from all critters. From eggs and chickens to butter, cheese and milk that will go up in price after herds are killed because the farmers and ranchers can’t afford to feed.  But you can oil eggs, can butter, freeze milk and wax cheese so buying now while it is cheap and preserving it for next year will free up money for your rising electrical and gas costs.  If you are middle or lower class inflation is not your friend.  If inflation is such a great deal every country would print extra money all the time. But courting inflation is always a desperation move and I’ve never read in history of it ending well.

I ‘m pushing the food and fuel because I think those items will go up the quickest in the next 2 or 3 months. So buying now will save you a lot of money in the future.  I hope the PTBs won’t do anything idiotic like price controls that Nixon trotted out in the 70’s but I wouldn’t say it can’t happen! Or gas rationing,  so think about having those things on hand. The EPA shutting down of so many Coal plants may result in brown outs or rolling blackouts. That’s why you need a backup system for lights, heat and your fridge and freezer to preserve that food. Or at least give you a little time to smoke, can or use other methods to safely preserve it without power.

At Paul’s I’ll get a case of tuna fish (48 cans) a case of canned tomatoes and a case of veggies(24 cans) a case of V8 type juice(12 cans) and some quick and easy  meals of TV dinners and chow mien noodles will give me a lot of flexibility and some nice calories as well as variety for 6 months + of meals.  If I have a weak point  in storage it’s fruits but I’m working on that  and I think getting good on canned veggies first is good from a vitamin stand point. I have fruit trees and a grapes growing on the fence line so I do have access to fruits in season.

This will be a huge shopping list for me in regards to food over $150.00. But it’s also huge in value from the standpoint of have canned  meats and veggies that will give a couple of serving of each, every day  for over 6 months. I doubt in May 2013 I will be able to get so much food for $150. 00 and when I count my long term stuff I already have on hand, this bit of shopping is incredibly valuable  in the long run.

This one of the biggest pluses to being a prepper as how you shop only sale items once you have your pantry stocked for 3-6 months.  Now I only shop for 1 person and what I need to buy. For a family of 4 if you buy what I buy it might only last for a month or a month and a half.  But even at that $150.00 is a lot lower than what I read about most families spending on food per month.  Heck that $150.00 is about your average EBT/foodstamp allotment per person. I’m not knocking food stamps if you get them use them to prep and buy food in bulk. You can prep if you are on food stamps. Just don’t go crazy buying stuff when your card is reloaded, buy in bulk when you can, on sales and learn to cook with basic ingredients.

I will still watch the sales for a good price on fresh meat and buy up  more cheese to wax. I think I have my basics covered for over 6 months to a year. After this shopping list is done I won’t need to go shopping for food for a few months.  Think about that statement you don’t need to go shopping for food for several months. Think about what you spend food shopping for a week or a month and you could totally blow it off for a month or two!  What could you do with that money you have saved?


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