Goals and using 1800’s tech

Looking back on what I have done  so far this year and what I need to do to meet all of my goals. I think it’s always good to look back and see just how far you have come and what you are going to do next.  I also think you should set goals that seem a little hard to get done.  I don’t know about you but setting goals that are right at the edge of possible works better for me.  I have to kind of push myself  I’ll only do the easy stuff.  That doesn’t mean you can’t change or adjust  your goals as you learn more, life happens and you must change to suit new circumstances.  These are goals you want to accomplish not set in stone that you stress yourself out trying to do the impossible. I was working towards a wood stove this year. But propane made more sense for me and what I can do physically in the short term.  It doesn’t mean I’ll never install a wood stove.  I just move that goal out on a longer timeline.

I know doing my water test back in April educated me and changed my goals for water on hand.  I also would like to get a propane camp shower heater/pump. I found out that a gallon a day was to little water if I wanted to keep my life somewhat normal if the water gets turned off in a disaster.  I found that I want to have 500 gallons of water stored and I want to have some water that is some what easy to move to a family members home if they need it. My soda jugs can be handed out without putting me at to much risk to folks that need a bit of water to get to where they are going. I want to harvest rain, run it through filters and a bit of bleach to make it safe for drinking right here at home.  I don’t want to have to try and fight the “Zombies” at the local creek or pond.  We have an outbreak of cryptosporidiosis which is caused by a parasite that lives in feces and water source has become contaminated by human or animal waste. The combination of a good water filter, boiling the water for a minute/using a WAPI indicator for a solar oven and some bleach or iodine will take care of almost every waterborne contamination.

I have all of the above to make safe water but I want 1 more big 60 gallon barrel in the house and I ‘d like to “daisy chain” several rain barrels to take advantage of all that rain water that falls on my roof.  It the barrels freeze over the winter and I have insulating materials that ice could work like the old “Ice Houses” before folks had fridges and used ice boxes.  If the mass of ice could last even into June or July  you could have a great barter item for very little cost. Not even counting you would have ice for yourself !

Thinking outside of the box and using older 1800’s tech can make your life better and give yourself more options.  Will it work? I have no idea, at the very worst I will  have a plenty of water from my rain barrels.  But if I can make a sort of “Ice House” and chop up blocks for a fridge or freezer.  How awesome would that be for preserving foods safely and as a barter item.

For myself I almost have to force myself to look back in history for solutions.  I love tech and what solar can provide on a small scale.  But those darned batteries are expensive and the sun does not shine every day so you need backups. I find looking into the past can provide a lot of solutions to the average prepper/survivalist.  Folks could live darn good lives back in the 1800’s. Now we can harness both hi-tech and old tech via history and make a good life if we can change our mindset and use what works and not the latest gadget.

I never will know the future, I can make educated guesses based on history but I’m just  guessing. I find what works for me is to use a logic, common sense and even if I’m totally wrong, everything I do makes my life better no matter what happens in the world.  When you have the knowledge that you have six-twelve months of everything you need from a teething baby to food, water, health and sanitation and security.  I have done my best to protect myself if the worst happens.  If I’m wrong and the PTBs make the whole world wonderful and perfect.  I will still make my beer, bake my bread and grow my garden and know when Mama Nature gets peeved and throws storms, earthquakes, volcanoes  I’m ready and learning and that won’t change.


4 Responses to Goals and using 1800’s tech

  1. Teresa Sue says:

    There was actually a lot of 1800’s technology that was just coming into it’s own, when newer technology bumped it out. There’s a lot to learn out there if you take the time to dig for it, and in many ways, still very viable.
    Miss Violet

  2. Jamie says:

    TS: I think we often equate old as not efficient or good. I’m a geek but using old fashioned steam engine and wood facinates me as much as solar panels.
    You can’t get the best out of smoking/BBQ meat unless you you use real wood or lump charcoal. Oh it might be okay or good enough. But I love using charcol to cook my turkeys and I never think about using my gas grill.

  3. Gods-Hammer says:

    1800’s tech for some of the 2013 goals will make for a VERY interesting blog! Can’t wait to read about it.

    • Jamie says:

      Hammer: I have a couple of ideas I’d like to try out, I have to go back to school and move from theory into practise. I might make a good teacher/mentor if I can take ancient history and make it work in the modern era. At least for adults, some folks like children. I’m not one to teach children, I don’t care for them, nasty, dirty critters. About 18-24 year olds I think I can deal with teaching.

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